Saturday, January 19, 2013

let it snow

Ok, let's just rush through the fact that I have about 6 months to catch up on here :)...okay, moving on:

Thursday morning, it SNOWED.  The flakes began falling in the wee hours, and luckily Anniston was up with the croup (for the 6th or 7th time ever; I'm losing count) already, so the frosty cold air and snow show were good medicine for us all. (Well, except for baby Charlotte who was cozy in her crib.  Yes, I will probably call her baby Charlotte forever.)

 Stan shining the flashlight into the snow at 4am.

 This was a short but sweet video at our second rising, 7am.  In defense of these freezing children's parents, I was running around inside gathering up the girls' coats while the above footage was taken.

 Oh my goodness, I just want to eat her up.  This was Charrey's first snow :).  (Anniston gave her this nickname because she couldn't say Charlotte's full name, and I LOVE it...couldn't have come up with something cuter if I tried.)


This little girl LOVED the snow.

Glove change.

 She kept falling onto her bottom and was completely soaked.

...did not mind one iota.

Anniston was focussed.  I mean really, I guess this was like her first snow, too, since I'm pretty sure she wouldn't remember any of the others.  

All Anniston wanted to do was scoop the snow, and she did love marching around while watching her tracks behind her.

 Sweet girl, I love you.

 Oh, and she was fascinated with the flakes coming down...

But, mostly, she was too busy to give me any attention :).

This little girl was heartbroken when it was time to go in...

The snow accumulation was about 2 inches.  It was a winter wonderland, and no kidding, about 6 hours later it was all COMPLETELY gone.  

We had a blast, but since the girls had colds/croup this time and were only out for a few minutes, I am already planning the next snow (which I realize may be a year from now) :
  • Make snow angels
  • Make a snowman
  • Sled
  • Make snow ice cream
What we did the rest of the day :).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

another birthday coming :)

This little girl is turning one this can this be??

She has our heart :).  I just love love her sweet personality, and Anniston LOVES her, too.  We have our moments when it comes to sharing :), but overall, they hug and sugar and play together well.  

Sweet memory from last night:  After baths, Stan was getting the tv ready for a football game (boy) while the girls and I were playing "hair" (girly all the way).  Anniston "sprayed" my hair and brushed it for a while before moving on to Charlotte's hair.  She would "spray" her hair, set bottle down, brush so intently, set brush down.  All the while, little C was intermittently picking up the brush that had been set down so she could brush her hair, and if the spray bottle was down, she would hold it up to her hair or try to suck on it before I took it out of her mouth.  It was just so funny how they were so calm and quiet, just going along with their hair brushing/styling "duties" without a an old married couple finishing each other's sentences...they traded brush and spray like two so comfortable.  Then we moved on to bows and put them all over Charlotte's head as she pulled them out, of course...sweet memory.  I pray they are always close and strive to show the love of Jesus to each other. 

Also, here are a couple of semi-recent videos, mainly of the birthday girl.  I know they may not show up on a phone or iPad like they would on a computer.  I just don't have the energy to figure out another way! 

The first is of the girls on a trip to Target.  We don't always have pleasant outings, but this was a happy trip for them both.  I think there was music playing, and they were just swaying.

Playing piano and wanting to play without interruption :).

Dreft commercial from the other night:  "They will be your child forever, but they will only be your baby for a year."  Really?  Did they have to say that??

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, yes, it has been a while since A's birthday...don't judge :).  She had a good day and even woke up to a "3" shaped pancake that her daddy made.  I think in the picture after this one, she was crying...she was feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the love.  I love the cautious side of A and am thankful for that trait in many ways, but I am also grateful that she seems to be growing out of it a bit! :)  (Oh, and I just realized she was in a high chair on her third birthday...we sold our table and were waiting on the new one :).

Her party was on her actual birthday this year, so that was fun, but I do not know if I will do that again...I like being able to give them more attention on their special day!

This year, since "ice cream" is such a big thing to her (although the "ice cream" place that we frequent is actually yogurt...shhh), we decided on an ice cream shoppe/parlour theme.

 These are hamburger cookies (peanut butter cookies with brownie in the middle)...sugar overload.

 Ice cream sundae cupcakes

 Stan made milkshakes and even wore a diner hat...guess I didn't get a pic of that :).

A few friends from down the road came to the party.  The kids made ice cream cones out of balloons and party hats.  (Tied a string onto balloon and threaded through hole in hat.)  They decorated with stickers (sprinkles) and a red pom (cherry) on top.  I found this idea somewhere online but cannot remember where...

 They also decorated/wore diner hats.

 She was warming up :).  I love her sweet smile...

 The men guarded the grill...

Favors:  ice cream shoppe stickers from Michaels and ice cream bubbles from target.

 I love this girl immensely and am just overwhelmed by God's grace...thankful beyond belief that He gave her to us.

I hope I have time soon to tell you ALL that she is doing now.  It is almost unbelievable how God has opened her mouth to talk.  It feels like she has grown up so much even since this party.