Thursday, January 29, 2009

Video for Your Viewing Pleasure!!

I think somehow the video clip above has been mistaken as another picture, so I just wanted to let everyone know that it is in fact a video of our ultrasound! :)  Note her tongue sticking out and her pinky finger properly lifted (ha) as she's sucking her thumb, and near the end, you can see her kicking her legs as if she's trying with all her might to get out!  Sorry for the confusion with the video!

It's a Girl!!!

That's right, it's a girl!!!  Stan and I went to the doctor this morning at 8am to find that we have a squirmy little girl curled up (pretty tightly, I might add) in my tummy.  It was amazing to see her move her tiny body with such feistiness...yes, there must be some Groll in there, ha.  In the picture, she's sucking her thumb, and you can see that she has managed to curl herself up into a rather cozy, compact ball.  Limber one, eh?  As we were sitting there watching her stick out her tongue and suck her thumb, and as we saw each organ precisely in place, we just looked at the screen in awe of our God who has "knit her together"...

Here's the proof!  Stan wasn't sure about posting this slightly unflattering picture, but I think I convinced him that some of you who were unwavering in your surmise that we were for sure having a boy needed some extra evidence today!  We will continue to keep you up to date, and hopefully soon we will have a name to share with you all!