Thursday, January 29, 2009

Video for Your Viewing Pleasure!!

I think somehow the video clip above has been mistaken as another picture, so I just wanted to let everyone know that it is in fact a video of our ultrasound! :)  Note her tongue sticking out and her pinky finger properly lifted (ha) as she's sucking her thumb, and near the end, you can see her kicking her legs as if she's trying with all her might to get out!  Sorry for the confusion with the video!


Judy Groll said...

Dad and I watched the video together! She is very active!! It is so sweet watching her move around and sucking her thumb! :)

Tammy Roberts said...

She looks like she is getting ready for some Wii Boxing!!!!LOL Thank you for sharing this amazing video, it brought tears to my eyes!!!
We Love You Guys,
Tammy and Jamie

Deb said...

Josh and Randi just found out "baby Anderson" is a boy! They are about 90% sure anyway. We are happy the Anderson name will go on.

This is amazing to see this!!! How do you all do this? Does your doc put it on your thumb drive? Love it!