Saturday, February 28, 2009


People ask me if I have craved anything out of the ordinary these past few months, and honestly I have prided myself, for some unknown reason, in saying that "I have not" and that "my tastebuds have not been altered at all."  But, upon having more time for introspection today (I woke up at 4am not able to drift right back into my usual peaceful slumber), I realized that I have had some rather unusual hankerings along with some that have merely been enhanced, and I thought I would share them with you guys...

Cravings from the beginning until now (some of these have subsided):

Corn Dogs

Sushi (still going strong...and no, I don't eat raw sushi!)

Tomato and mayo sandwiches

Ovaltine (weird...HAD to buy some a few weeks ago)

Anything cold...smoothies, frozen decaf coffee, ice water, etc...

MEXICAN FOOD (could eat it almost every day)

Eggs....must need the protein


Grilled Cheese WITH Ovaltine  (just got this longing while typing, ha)

Milk in general...seriously, we go through a gallon in just a few days now

Dried Prunes...sounds gross at the moment

Peanut M&M', I've always had a love affair with these yummies, but I could seriously almost convince myself to eat a whole bag if the situation warranted itself.  

I've also been thinking about pigs in a blanket for the past few days...

Okay, I think that's enough.  I don't want to scare any of you away, ha.


"GG"s Journal said...

Hey Girl,

I loved reading about your food "hankerings"! Laughed at some of them... Corndogs and prunes I could do without, but the rest of the items sounded yummy to me!

Love You,
Mom "GG"

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Prunes are a GOOD craving to have...(especially during 3rd trimester!). My mom said she craved Yoohoo, which is kinda like Ovaltine and on the plus side, it has potassium which will help with those pesky leg cramps at night (although so would bananas I suppose!)

Anonymous said...

This list made me laugh! Ovaltine with grilled cheese! Sounds - YUMMY to me right now! I may fix grilled cheese for dinner!

I craves vinegar while I was pregnant with my fist one. I don't remember with my second!

Christi cave

WoodardFamily said...

You are so cute :) I CRAVED chocolate milk- kinda like Ovaltine! I had to have it every morning before I could get going to work.

I am going to email you also, but we have the Graco pack n play. We love it. She loves to play in it as well as sleep.

You, Stan and Addison are in my prayers daily. I can hardly wait to meet her!! Love yall!

WoodardFamily said...

I do not know why I put Addison. I am TIRED :) Sweet Anniston.

Carey said...

I also LOVED cereal! and milk in general including chocolate milk! I was drinking a gallon every couple of days all by myself. So you're not weird at all or we are weird together :)