Saturday, March 28, 2009

Third Day

     I forgot to mention the other day that Mac Powell from Third Day led worship at our church last Sunday!!  It was INCREDIBLE.  He was so humble and just wanted to facilitate our worship in order to bring God praise instead of bringing attention to himself...really cool.  When he got up on the stage and started speaking, Stan and I just looked at each other wide-eyed because his deep voice, even when he's just talking, is so pure and beautiful.  Seriously, he could read us bed-time stories every night, and we would be living the life.  

Have you ever felt like God was speaking directly to you and you alone?  I felt that way last Sunday.  (Don't get me wrong, I know God was addressing everyone who wanted to hear from Him, it just felt like I was in a room all by myself as God whispered just to me...and Stan...and Anniston.)  Mac Powell kept saying things about how God is the same God He was 2,000 years ago and that He's still doing miracles such as healing today.  Then, at the end of the service, He said those things again and then continued by saying that it is through the powerful name of Jesus that those wonders happen.  This is the part where it was just me and God:  Mac asked us all to just start singing the name "Jesus, Jesus...."  I cannot describe how amazing that moment was for me.  When we left church, Stan and I were both like: "Do you think God just healed Anniston?!"  Just wanted to share that with you guys...

Oh, and thank you for praying for the requests I mentioned the other day.  You can read the comments from that post to see that God has already answered so many of them!  He is SO good!!

Well, I'm about to have a semi-non-productive Saturday consisting of RESTING and maybe doing a little errand-running (aka: shopping)!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

3rd Trimester!!

Well, the news of the day:  I am 28 weeks pregnant today, so I am officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!  Crazy!!  Anniston, according to, now has eyelashes, is about 14 1/2 inches long, is a little over 2 lbs, and, according to her mom, she kicks ALL the time!!  I went to my doctor here in Hattiesburg Monday morning for my routine check up, and I've gained 22 lbs!!!  She said she wants me to gain about 35, so hopefully I'm still on that track.  (She acted like I was so we'll see! ha)

We have our doctor's appointment with the cardiologist in Jackson next Tuesday at 8am...thank you for your prayers!  I've honestly had some moments of extreme excitement about this appointment because I just know God is doing something big!!

I feel like I've been hearing SO many prayer requests lately, so I am going to try to relay those with the little bit of memory that I perceive is functioning at the moment:

My sweet friend from college, Christina, had some issues with her health this past fall, and she just had a test done the other day on her heart to see how well it is pumping blood.  She goes back for her results on April 6th, and she doesn't feel like the test went well.  I am believing with her that the report from the doctor is going to be clear and perfect!  (Thank you, Christina, for inspiring me to post more prayer requests on our blog!)

Also, a friend of mine from church, Christi, has a son named Campbell, and he has been suffering with some pretty bad migraines for a while that have caused many practically sleepless nights for him.  This is such an awesome family, and I know that God has a miracle in store for them!  (Christi, I know there is more to this story about Campbell's health, so feel free to give more details if you wish.)

I just received a text message today from my great friend and former-roommate, Carey, that her cousin had twins today, and the little boy is in NICU with fluid on his lungs.  His sister is doing well...   This family really needs some immediate prayer.  

Today, I talked to another awesome friend from college, Brooklyn, and she told me about several things health-wise that her family needs prayer for, particularly her uncle who was just diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  I don't think the prognosis looks good to the doctors, but I do know that what seems impossible with man IS POSSIBLE with God!!  Her uncle is young and married with two children who are junior high/high school age.

Stan's precious great-grandmother, Gran Gran, had a stroke a few months ago, and it's looking like she might not live much longer.  There is much to be thankful for:  she is 92 years old (!), and God has blessed her with a long, healthy, and blessed life!!  We love Gran Gran so much and pray that she along with the rest of their family is filled with His peace and comfort right now.

I know there are more requests that have been brought to my attention recently, and there are several "unspokens" that I'm not at liberty to divulge, but God knows the ones my mind cannot recall at the moment as well as the prayer requests that I cannot give details about because He is ALL-KNOWING and ALL-POWERFUL!!!  (If I got any of the details above wrong, girls, please let me know.)  I'm just so thankful that He is in control and not me!  Thank you for lifting these people up!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

27 Weeks!  And getting bigger!
In case you're wondering, the extra little point at the end of my stomach is the seat cushion on the couch :).  At first glance, it even threw me off, ha.

Well, life is going great, and I'm so glad it's spring!!  We've had a nice, relaxing weekend so far consisting of me and some girlfriends going out to eat yesterday before taking a fun, random walk through Hattiesburg's Zoo, laying out a couple of times (Anniston's first time to lay out...she LOVED it!), and sitting at Sonic with Stan with the windows rolled down listening to upbeat, summer-time music while inhaling the spectacular vanilla cone.  AND, to top it all off, we saw the Easter bunny on our way home from Lowe's!!!  There is still more fun ahead as we do a little yard work this evening.  I hope you are having a beautiful weekend as well!  

And, to all of you former Louisiana Techsters, does spring make you almost able to smell the tall, red tulips in the quad too?  Just wondering...  (Honestly, I don't even know if tulips have much of a smell, but you get what I'm saying.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where We Are

There has been so much on my heart lately that I have wanted to share, but it has remained jumbled in my head, and even though I still feel like I have an incredible amount to learn about God and His Power, He is telling my fingers to type today. 

Where to begin?  God is AMAZING!  Stan and I have never been closer to each other.   On that note, I will say that right before finding out about Anniston’s heart condition, I remember thinking to myself “Can it get any better than this?”  Let me tell you, I have been blown away.   Stan has always been such a strength for me, and I have always known about his passionate love for the Lord, but I stand in awe every day at the man of God Stan is and is becoming.  He is the best husband I could have ever dreamed to have, and he is already a wonderful dad :).

God has been teaching us so much about His character and His will through promises we are collecting and soaking up from His Word.  Most of all, our faith has been strengthened knowing that He was the Healer in all of the stories we read about Him in His Word and that He STILL IS that Healer today. 

There is more I would like to say, but I think I will leave you with this prayer that we are praying for Anniston.   All of these verses have been such an encouragement to us, and maybe by reading it, you can get a glimpse of what has been so heavy on our hearts the last month. 

We know that so many of you are praying for us and Anniston, and I cannot tell you enough how grateful we are for those prayers.  We will be passing out this prayer guide to anyone and everyone who would like to pray alongside us for what God has laid on our hearts to lift up because we desire for all of us to be praying for and claiming the same thing.  For we know that “where two or three are gathered in His name, there He is among us.” (Matthew 18:21)  Feel free to pass it on to others out there who are praying for us as well.  (I'm sorry if it's hard to read.  If you click on the prayer, you can see a larger image.)

***On 3/29, This prayer was revised...just a few words were changed, but the meaning to us is greatly different***

P.S.:  Because we believe these things, please understand if we choose not to talk about anything having to do with the doctor’s previous report right now.  We have been strongly convicted that we need to ONLY speak life and healing over Anniston, and if God wants us to approach Him with complete faith that He will heal her, then we do not need to speak anything otherwise.  Thank you for respecting this conviction :).  Our next appointment is March 31st at 8am in Jackson, and we will let you know that day how it goes!  You can also check my mom's sweet blog for updates if you'd like.  Love you all!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Maternity Fashion

A friend at church told me recently about this blog called Kelly's Korner because this woman, Kelly, recently had a miracle baby girl named Harper.  Their family's testimony is so awesome, and I would encourage you to read her blog beginning in January about their journey and how God once again proved Himself to be the Faithful Father that I know He is!  It was very encouraging to read her story in light of the journey God has us on and the miracle we believe He has in store for our baby Anniston! 

Well, today, she posted a cute lesson in recession fashion and asked for her readers to post our own recession clothes-purchasing tips if we would like, so I thought I would give it a try!  Okay, I am NOT even close to being the style source when it comes to maternity fashion (makes me laugh just to think about it), but I do have a few suggestions or ideas that have helped me so far, and I thought if any of you had any more tips you could share with me to help a friend out, you could do that as well :).  

Here goes:

1.  Shop less expensive venues.  No brainer, right?  If I have acquired the least bit of knowledge the past few months, I have learned that maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE!!  TJ Maxx and Target have become my favorite places to shop!  

2.  Stay SIMPLE. Kelly mentioned this in her post basic items that can be dressed up or down with accessories. I LOVE cardigans and think they're a great way to change the look of a basic top or dress.  

3.  Don't shop just in the maternity section or store. Buying larger, regular clothes is a great way to not break the bank; plus, it will hopefully give me some nice options for after Anniston's here and before I lose the baby weight.

4.  Buy longer shirts. If they're going to shrink up as I grow out, I will *fingers crossed* be able to wear them for a longer amount of time.

5.  Use Coupon Codes.  I have acquired a love for these discounts since I shop some for maternity clothes online.  Just search Google for coupon codes at whatever store you want to buy from, and see what pops up!  You might be surprised.  Often, you can at least save on shipping, especially at the larger department stores' websites (a nice bonus when you'd rather be propping your feet up eating a big bowl of ice cream instead of trudging through several stores).  

Not the best tips, but honestly, I'm selfishly hoping for your insight to assist me!!  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams and Paint

Nursery pic!

Two weekends ago, my parents came in town to visit and to help us with this seemingly easy task of painting the nursery.  Long story short, we originally painted the room a "hue" that was slightly too bright and could have caused some serious sleep issues with Anniston :).  After a few other mishaps in between and with our emotions a nice mix of frustration and delirium, we decided to mix our own paint with some colors we already had at the house.  The result was this light taupey green (is taupey a word?), and let's keep it between us that it is ironically similar to the original paint color.  My resident nursery painter might not exactly be thrilled with that fact, ha.  Why does everything have to be difficult?  I do, however, think the color turned out perfectly and exactly how I envisioned it...thank you mom, dad, and Stan for doing such a great job!

My most recent little project.  This is the before pic of a desk that we got at TJ Maxx at a very good price because the nice manager took $30 off due to scrapes and dings.  We decided to make it into a changing table, and we will add storage underneath (i.e. baskets) to make the most use of this space.

I realize that this after pic looks like all I did was change the knobs, but it actually now has two slightly different tones that are hopefully more noticeable in person :).

Maybe you can kind of see the somewhat darker cream in this pic behind the drawer?  Oh well, it's been fun to play around with the room, and since we just got the crib in yesterday, there will be more excitement to come as we attempt to put it together!