Thursday, March 26, 2009

3rd Trimester!!

Well, the news of the day:  I am 28 weeks pregnant today, so I am officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!  Crazy!!  Anniston, according to, now has eyelashes, is about 14 1/2 inches long, is a little over 2 lbs, and, according to her mom, she kicks ALL the time!!  I went to my doctor here in Hattiesburg Monday morning for my routine check up, and I've gained 22 lbs!!!  She said she wants me to gain about 35, so hopefully I'm still on that track.  (She acted like I was so we'll see! ha)

We have our doctor's appointment with the cardiologist in Jackson next Tuesday at 8am...thank you for your prayers!  I've honestly had some moments of extreme excitement about this appointment because I just know God is doing something big!!

I feel like I've been hearing SO many prayer requests lately, so I am going to try to relay those with the little bit of memory that I perceive is functioning at the moment:

My sweet friend from college, Christina, had some issues with her health this past fall, and she just had a test done the other day on her heart to see how well it is pumping blood.  She goes back for her results on April 6th, and she doesn't feel like the test went well.  I am believing with her that the report from the doctor is going to be clear and perfect!  (Thank you, Christina, for inspiring me to post more prayer requests on our blog!)

Also, a friend of mine from church, Christi, has a son named Campbell, and he has been suffering with some pretty bad migraines for a while that have caused many practically sleepless nights for him.  This is such an awesome family, and I know that God has a miracle in store for them!  (Christi, I know there is more to this story about Campbell's health, so feel free to give more details if you wish.)

I just received a text message today from my great friend and former-roommate, Carey, that her cousin had twins today, and the little boy is in NICU with fluid on his lungs.  His sister is doing well...   This family really needs some immediate prayer.  

Today, I talked to another awesome friend from college, Brooklyn, and she told me about several things health-wise that her family needs prayer for, particularly her uncle who was just diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  I don't think the prognosis looks good to the doctors, but I do know that what seems impossible with man IS POSSIBLE with God!!  Her uncle is young and married with two children who are junior high/high school age.

Stan's precious great-grandmother, Gran Gran, had a stroke a few months ago, and it's looking like she might not live much longer.  There is much to be thankful for:  she is 92 years old (!), and God has blessed her with a long, healthy, and blessed life!!  We love Gran Gran so much and pray that she along with the rest of their family is filled with His peace and comfort right now.

I know there are more requests that have been brought to my attention recently, and there are several "unspokens" that I'm not at liberty to divulge, but God knows the ones my mind cannot recall at the moment as well as the prayer requests that I cannot give details about because He is ALL-KNOWING and ALL-POWERFUL!!!  (If I got any of the details above wrong, girls, please let me know.)  I'm just so thankful that He is in control and not me!  Thank you for lifting these people up!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing to click on your blog this morning and see the milestone that you have reached!!! WOOHOO!!!!

I am excited as well, to hear how God has worked on little Anniston! I just KNOW that God is doing GREAT things in her body!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning my sweet Campbell. I have a praise... for the past few days, he has been MUCH BETTER!!!!! We got him on some new medication and it seems to be working. (he has the hiccups A LOT! side effect? Who knows?) But I believe he can handle the hiccups over the headaches!

THere is SO much to Cam's story! He is a TRUE miracle. I have lived seeing a miracle! There is no need to take your blog space to talk about it. I will simply say.... I saw a miracle and believe you will too!!!!!!! I TRULY BELIEVE THAT!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Carey said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Garrett's babies. The little boy is doing much better. He is still in the NICU but they have gotten his blood pressure under control. Your prayers are still much appreciated!
Yippee!! The end is in sight (or should I say the beginning!) Depends on how you look at it...Praise the Lord for His kindness!
Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

The Albritton's said...

Boy, do I miss you! Thank you so much for the prayers! We really should meet somewhere one day and catch up!! miss you friend!

Brooklyn said...

YAY for the third trimester!!!! June will be here before we know it:)

What a warm fuzzy to see my uncle on your blog after just talking about it with you over the phone. Your prayers are GREATLY appreciated!!

UPDATE: He had his first surgery yesterday morning. The surgery was pretty SUCCESSFUL- they removed 3 ft. of his small intestine and some lymph nodes. Praises: The cancer is SLOW-growing and the doctors thought they would have to take part of his liver too, which they did NOT!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

YAY 3rd trimester! 22 lbs. is great and you are looking awesome! I am already at 34 lbs. and so I will DEFINITELY hit 35 in the next 3 weeks!

Keep us posted after the appt. next week!