Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

27 Weeks!  And getting bigger!
In case you're wondering, the extra little point at the end of my stomach is the seat cushion on the couch :).  At first glance, it even threw me off, ha.

Well, life is going great, and I'm so glad it's spring!!  We've had a nice, relaxing weekend so far consisting of me and some girlfriends going out to eat yesterday before taking a fun, random walk through Hattiesburg's Zoo, laying out a couple of times (Anniston's first time to lay out...she LOVED it!), and sitting at Sonic with Stan with the windows rolled down listening to upbeat, summer-time music while inhaling the spectacular vanilla cone.  AND, to top it all off, we saw the Easter bunny on our way home from Lowe's!!!  There is still more fun ahead as we do a little yard work this evening.  I hope you are having a beautiful weekend as well!  

And, to all of you former Louisiana Techsters, does spring make you almost able to smell the tall, red tulips in the quad too?  Just wondering...  (Honestly, I don't even know if tulips have much of a smell, but you get what I'm saying.)


Anonymous said...

Several points I need to make....

1) I noticed the bump and it threw for a split second too! HA!

2) I was as big as you are now when I was 12 weeks pregnant! That is a fact!

3) Laying out must be what heaven feels like! I am glad Anniston loved it!

4) Sonic - enough said!

5) Don't know much about LA Tech but..... ok, I can "see" what it MAY look and smell like!

Seriously, you are precious! So glad that your weekend has been BEAUTIFUL!


Jan Jan said...

You are so beautiful and we can't wait to see you in two weeks! :) We love ya'll!


"GG"s Journal said...

What a beautiful mommy you are!:) I'm so glad you are having a wonderful spring weekend... All the flowers are blooming here as well and we just love the sunshine. Dad worked in the yard today while I was at Hannah's wedding shower. Matthew even helped in the yard some too... needs gas money I think! ha!:) Have a great week!

We love you!
mom "GG" and dad "Grampa"

Carey said...

Girl you look Great!!! I LOVE this weather too! Oh, how I enjoy driving with my windows down and the sun in my face with a David Crowder song playing!
I have tulips coming up everywhere in my yard. I'll post pics soon, but yes it does bring back fond memories! Memories like dancing to Keith Urban (oh wait you never did dance with us :)

the Jennings secede from the South said...

You look awesome girl! I really miss Sonic so much- we don't have Sonic up here in Yankee land...too cold?

Kristen T said...

You are so cute!! I am LOVING this weather too! The tulips come to my mind also when the weather gets nice out in early Spring! Oh how I miss college sometimes.... :) I'm praying for ya'll!
love ya,

Brooklyn said...

Very cute!!! Glad to know you are doing great and enjoying the pregnant life!!

Judith said...

How fun! You are so precious, Mrs. Martin! =)

WoodardFamily said...

You look soo cute! Perfect little baby bump! I need to get out in the sun too!
Love yall!

[caroline weir] said...

How is it possible to be so adorable when you're pregnant?! You look marvelous! I'm praying for you!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Lindsey- You look great!! Not sure if you remember meeting me with Meg, but we worked together at McIntyre! And actually I got to have lunch with her today! :-) I am praying for all three of you! And I LOVE Anniston's name! So cute! I'll be checking in on ya'll! I am actually 1 month behind you, due 7/15! :-)