Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Maternity Fashion

A friend at church told me recently about this blog called Kelly's Korner because this woman, Kelly, recently had a miracle baby girl named Harper.  Their family's testimony is so awesome, and I would encourage you to read her blog beginning in January about their journey and how God once again proved Himself to be the Faithful Father that I know He is!  It was very encouraging to read her story in light of the journey God has us on and the miracle we believe He has in store for our baby Anniston! 

Well, today, she posted a cute lesson in recession fashion and asked for her readers to post our own recession clothes-purchasing tips if we would like, so I thought I would give it a try!  Okay, I am NOT even close to being the style source when it comes to maternity fashion (makes me laugh just to think about it), but I do have a few suggestions or ideas that have helped me so far, and I thought if any of you had any more tips you could share with me to help a friend out, you could do that as well :).  

Here goes:

1.  Shop less expensive venues.  No brainer, right?  If I have acquired the least bit of knowledge the past few months, I have learned that maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE!!  TJ Maxx and Target have become my favorite places to shop!  

2.  Stay SIMPLE. Kelly mentioned this in her post basic items that can be dressed up or down with accessories. I LOVE cardigans and think they're a great way to change the look of a basic top or dress.  

3.  Don't shop just in the maternity section or store. Buying larger, regular clothes is a great way to not break the bank; plus, it will hopefully give me some nice options for after Anniston's here and before I lose the baby weight.

4.  Buy longer shirts. If they're going to shrink up as I grow out, I will *fingers crossed* be able to wear them for a longer amount of time.

5.  Use Coupon Codes.  I have acquired a love for these discounts since I shop some for maternity clothes online.  Just search Google for coupon codes at whatever store you want to buy from, and see what pops up!  You might be surprised.  Often, you can at least save on shipping, especially at the larger department stores' websites (a nice bonus when you'd rather be propping your feet up eating a big bowl of ice cream instead of trudging through several stores).  

Not the best tips, but honestly, I'm selfishly hoping for your insight to assist me!!  


Adam Jennings said...

I think what I'm most surprised about is how big I've gotten! There were maternity clothes that my mom sent me early on that I thought, "I'll never fit into this!" But lo and behold, I am ginormous now and some of those tops are too small! Since I still have to go to work, I've had to make a few new purchases...Old Navy maternity (Online) has some cute basics and, again, can wear those with cardigans, etc. Also, it's nice that it stays cold up here so long b/c I got winter stuff really cheaply in January that I'm still wearing now!

But, where you are, keep stretching out that stuff as longly as possible! I wear Adam's shirts on weekends now!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Sorry that last comment was me, not Adam!!!

Amber Schmidt said...

I saw on Kelly's blog that you were looking for some dressing for less tips on maternity. Did you know that local consignment stores sometimes carry maternity too? If you can find a Once Upon a Child in your area they carry maternity!!! I am all about 10% of retail just because someone may or may not have worn it! I have even gotten items new with tags there!

AND... if you can find a GAP Factory Store. This is NOT the same as an outlet. These are the stores that are kind of hole in the wall - you have to be careful because some items have stains or defects but ALL maternity PANTS are $5, t-shirt are $3 and sweaters/ dresses are $3-5. I dressed my entire maternity wardrobe for $125 and it was ALL gap!

Also... workout clothes like yoga pants and tanks... those stretch nicely over cute little bellies! Without the markup of maternity wear!

I had three kids in 5 years so I basically lived in maternity clothes for 5 years straight!

Hope that helps a bit!

Kelly said...

You are so cute!
I will be praying for you and Anniston (love the name!)
I'm glad you have a strong faith!

Cody and Christina Albritton said...

Reading your blog makes me SO HAPPY!! You are precious and such an example! Miss and Love you Friend!


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you are so tiny I bet that you can go up a size or 2 in regular clothes and be fine. And with so many high waisted fashions, you can get away with it very easily.

Someone else mentioned it already but.... CATO!!!! It is amazing the things you can get in there. While they don't have maternity, again, i bet you can find something that works.

I hope you are having a GREAT week!


Carey said...

I have two words for you--Bella Band. Perhaps you have found this by now and you may be past the point of using it now, but I wore my regular pants until about 6 months with the bella band. I also suggest investing in one good pair of maternity jeans with the "secret belly" fit. It really does fit well throughout your pregnancy. I also loved getting solid colored sun dresses (they are super comfy) and you can accessorize them differently.
Luv Ya girl!

Izabell said...

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