Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams and Paint

Nursery pic!

Two weekends ago, my parents came in town to visit and to help us with this seemingly easy task of painting the nursery.  Long story short, we originally painted the room a "hue" that was slightly too bright and could have caused some serious sleep issues with Anniston :).  After a few other mishaps in between and with our emotions a nice mix of frustration and delirium, we decided to mix our own paint with some colors we already had at the house.  The result was this light taupey green (is taupey a word?), and let's keep it between us that it is ironically similar to the original paint color.  My resident nursery painter might not exactly be thrilled with that fact, ha.  Why does everything have to be difficult?  I do, however, think the color turned out perfectly and exactly how I envisioned it...thank you mom, dad, and Stan for doing such a great job!

My most recent little project.  This is the before pic of a desk that we got at TJ Maxx at a very good price because the nice manager took $30 off due to scrapes and dings.  We decided to make it into a changing table, and we will add storage underneath (i.e. baskets) to make the most use of this space.

I realize that this after pic looks like all I did was change the knobs, but it actually now has two slightly different tones that are hopefully more noticeable in person :).

Maybe you can kind of see the somewhat darker cream in this pic behind the drawer?  Oh well, it's been fun to play around with the room, and since we just got the crib in yesterday, there will be more excitement to come as we attempt to put it together!


WoodardFamily said...

Looks great- I love the desk/changer. Cannot wait to see more pics!! Love,

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Cute nursery. I really like the color on the walls!!

"GG"s Journal said...

The room looks great if I do say so myself! :) I wasn't going to say anything about the original color of the room. I was hoping you hadn't noticed the similarity:). Actually, the original color had more gold than green... so I think the new color is PERFECT! We can't wait to see the crib set-up. Dad and I had so much fun helping you and Stan! The nursery looks great. Anniston will love her room.

Love You,
Mom "GG"

Rachel said...

Hey guys! We are excited for you both...especially on this next stage of your lives. If there is any encouragement we can give you, we are here. We are praying for you all. Decorating the nursery is fun. Enjoy every minute of it. You guys are great! Miss you both...Rachel for all the Boersmas

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey,

No Thanks necessary for the prayer requested for your sweet baby! It is my pleasure and an honor to pray for you guys!

I have been thinking and praying a lot for you guys lately.

We NEVER run into you guys at church! It is such a mad house trying to get from one place to the next on time! Maybe one day we'll run into each other and i can see how cute you are! I bet you have a cuter little baby bump, since the last time i saw you!

I have enjoyed your blog. VERY cute nursery!

Christi Cave

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement for Campbell. I am so thankful for the verses you shared and will hang on to those and others that have carried us through so much!

I am SO thankful, as I know you guys are too, for God's Word to PROMISE us and carry us through EVERYTHING! Oh what a blessing!

Thanks for the prayers! I will report when I know something!