Monday, March 16, 2009

Where We Are

There has been so much on my heart lately that I have wanted to share, but it has remained jumbled in my head, and even though I still feel like I have an incredible amount to learn about God and His Power, He is telling my fingers to type today. 

Where to begin?  God is AMAZING!  Stan and I have never been closer to each other.   On that note, I will say that right before finding out about Anniston’s heart condition, I remember thinking to myself “Can it get any better than this?”  Let me tell you, I have been blown away.   Stan has always been such a strength for me, and I have always known about his passionate love for the Lord, but I stand in awe every day at the man of God Stan is and is becoming.  He is the best husband I could have ever dreamed to have, and he is already a wonderful dad :).

God has been teaching us so much about His character and His will through promises we are collecting and soaking up from His Word.  Most of all, our faith has been strengthened knowing that He was the Healer in all of the stories we read about Him in His Word and that He STILL IS that Healer today. 

There is more I would like to say, but I think I will leave you with this prayer that we are praying for Anniston.   All of these verses have been such an encouragement to us, and maybe by reading it, you can get a glimpse of what has been so heavy on our hearts the last month. 

We know that so many of you are praying for us and Anniston, and I cannot tell you enough how grateful we are for those prayers.  We will be passing out this prayer guide to anyone and everyone who would like to pray alongside us for what God has laid on our hearts to lift up because we desire for all of us to be praying for and claiming the same thing.  For we know that “where two or three are gathered in His name, there He is among us.” (Matthew 18:21)  Feel free to pass it on to others out there who are praying for us as well.  (I'm sorry if it's hard to read.  If you click on the prayer, you can see a larger image.)

***On 3/29, This prayer was revised...just a few words were changed, but the meaning to us is greatly different***

P.S.:  Because we believe these things, please understand if we choose not to talk about anything having to do with the doctor’s previous report right now.  We have been strongly convicted that we need to ONLY speak life and healing over Anniston, and if God wants us to approach Him with complete faith that He will heal her, then we do not need to speak anything otherwise.  Thank you for respecting this conviction :).  Our next appointment is March 31st at 8am in Jackson, and we will let you know that day how it goes!  You can also check my mom's sweet blog for updates if you'd like.  Love you all!!


Carey said...

My sweet Lindsey
I'm printing out copies of the prayer guide to give to some of my friends. I'm so glad that you are blessed with Stan and he is blessed with you!
Our words are so powerful and I'm all for speaking life for beautiful little Anniston!
We love yall! Can't wait to see you soon!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Amen Lindsey! It is so cool to see the Holy Spirit stirring faith in y'all right now and I think it is so honoring to our God, the Healer. Out of his great compassion and so that He would be glorified and so others would know him, we ask him to Heal!

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey!
WooHoo for LA Tech! I didn't know that you guys went there!

I LVOE this post! I will print the prayer and join in with you guys!

I also LOVE the fact that you guys are speaking f healing Anniston. I am convicted as well in our life with Campbell's health. Also, in daily life in discipline. A very wise friend told me before that when we mention a disobedient child that the devil latches on to that "thorn in my side" and uses against my walk with the Lord. And BOY IS IT TRUE!

I have tried to stay with this thought but fail and fail miserably . Thank you for reminding me of this!!!!

I am also blessed with a great husband and I am so encouraged to know so many other that are STRONG in the Lord!

Thank You God for Stan and Lindsey and Anniston!!!!


"GG"s Journal said...

Lindsey and Stan,

I love you both and I'm so proud of you! It is an honor to pray and be a part of your sweet family! You two are the best adult children any mother could ask for!

Love You!
mom "GG"

The Albritton's said...

Girl, they are Steve Madden so you can get them anywhere like Dillards, etc. They are so comfy and come in every fun color imaginable...I really wanted to buy all of them! haha! I think they would look super cute on your pregnant feetsy!!

Sarah Kate Taylor said...


I was reading my bible this morning and came across a scripture I thought you may like to know.

It is Proverbs 3:5-6. It says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight,"

I read it and though of you and Stan and how much you guys acknowledge Him for all he has done. Continue to praise God and know that you guys are not alone. A lot of people have joined in to pray for Anniston.

Continuing to pray,

Chris & Angie

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your blog!
I hope your Saturday is SUPER!


Judith said...

Y'all are so amazing, and we continue to pray for your family.