Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Idea!

As many of you know, I am pretty involved with an adoption agency/crisis pregnancy center here in Hattiesburg called Bethany Christian Services.  Bethany is actually the largest adoption agency in the United States, and we even have locations around the world!  As a non-profit, pro-life ministry, Bethany provides complete adoption services to couples looking to adopt and free pregnancy testing and counseling to women.  One of the main goals of our local office is to assist young women as they explore all of the options that may accompany an unplanned pregnancy.  You can check out Bethany's site www.bethany.org for more info if you'd like!

It has come to our Board's attention that it has been statistically proven that during a time of economic crisis, abortions increase.  For this reason, we feel a pressing need to get Bethany's name "out there" so that more young women will know that we are a non-judgmental, safe haven to come to for help.  Often, just having a listening ear to hear their distress and to know that they are not alone is all these beautiful women need.  Bethany desires foremost to help these ladies choose life for their babies, and from there, we assist them with parenting skills or with choosing adoption.  It of course is also of great importance to us to discuss abstinence, STD education, future career goals, etc. to assist these women as they plan for their future.

You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with Mother's Day, right?!!  Well, we've decided that for our Spring Fundraiser, we would give people the opportunity to honor their mothers in an extra-special way because they chose to give them life!  If you would like, you can send a donation to Bethany in honor or in memory of your mother, and we will send her (or the person you would like to accept the memorial) a Mother's Day card telling her that a donation has been made in her name, and that you are grateful that she gave you life!  This gift will go on to help other women choose life for their babies as Bethany continues the awesome work that they do!  Isn't that a great idea?!  I'm doing it for our moms (sorry moms to let the cat out of the bag), and not just because I help out with Bethany, but because I truly think this is a great idea and is for a great cause!

This is the formal appeal.

And, here is the response card that you should be able to print on your home computer and mail with your donation if you feel led to do so!  (If you can't print it, let me know, and I will see what I can do.)  Also, note the address at the bottom of this response card that donations can be mailed to :).

Thank you for considering!!


Carey said...

I put ours in the mail yesterday!! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to sow seeds in such an awesome ministry!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I am sure that I have just checked Mother's day off of my list!

Did you know that Lee and I used Bethany for our desire for adoption from China? We got a good ways through our process and God laid it on my heart that this was just not what He wanted us to do. We were heart broken but we knew that His plans were best.
I am seeing that His ways working and i am thankful!

Anyway..... all that to say, Bethany was a blessing to our family!

Thanks for giving me the Mother's day gift idea!

Happy Wednesday!


The Albritton's said...

Linds!! You amaze me! I wish there was one in New Orleans...it's pretty much my dream job! I have been so frustrated trying to find agencies in New Orleans, and just haven't been able to! Anyways, that is a great idea for Mother's Day! LOVE IT!

chadandnikki said...

Thanks so much for praying for our family. We are grateful and greatly appreciative that you would take your precious time and do this for us.