Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We had a wonderful doctor's appointment yesterday, and I'm sorry to just now post the details!  We're actually in Ruston because Stan's sweet great-grandmother, Gran Gran, passed away on Monday, and we celebrated her life today at her funeral.  Isn't she beautiful?!  I can remember first meeting Gran Gran four years ago, and I cannot recall much about that initial encounter, but two things do stick out in my mind from that day:  After taking two steps through the side door of the Martin house, Gran Gran welcomed me with open arms and the kindest smile that made me feel like I had always been a part of her special family.  Next, she proceeded to exclaim to me with great detail her pride in and her love for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  I can truthfully say that with EVERY greeting from that day forward, I was welcomed by Gran Gran with those same warm sentiments.  She has left an incredible legacy of love that, as the minister said at the funeral today, "will live forever."  We love and miss you, Gran Gran, and I look forward to the day when we can visit again!

Now, about the doctor's appointment!  We saw the cardiologist yesterday morning in Jackson, and she seemed to think everything looked the same, BUT we still had to go see the doctors who are scheduled to deliver Anniston in a separate appointment afterwards.  If I can be candid, I will say that after the first appointment, I was slightly discouraged, and I realized in that moment that I was trying to keep my faith up in order to not disappoint other people instead of trusting fully in God and truly putting my faith in Him.  

At the second appointment, I felt like the pressure was off, and I knew, as well as Stan, that she was in God's hands (a MUCH better place to be than our own).  We called a couple of people and asked them to keep praying as we entered this next appointment, and it was amazing!  As the doctor was doing the ultrasound, he commented that the heart looked SYMMETRICAL!!  Last month, the left side of Anniston's heart was a normal size, and the right side was twice as big!  He saw some good blood flow in both sides of the heart also which was very encouraging to him.  While he was looking for the Aortic Arch (you can look at this earlier post for more details/definitions from the doctor's earlier report) that they haven't been able to see previously and that they said was interrupted, he thought he saw it!!  PRAISE GOD!!  The doctor would not verify that it was the Arch because he only saw it once, but we are clinging to our belief that God has healed her!!  We were so very encouraged by this appointment, and it has definitely strengthened our faith.  I hope this is an encouragement to you that God has heard your prayers and that He is working!

Until our next appointment on April 24th, we will be praying and believing specifically that the hole is closed and that we will be able to get a clear look at a normal size Aorta and Aortic Arch connecting to the Descending Aorta.  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!


"GG"s Journal said...

Gran Gran is very beautiful! What a great picture! You are so right about the legacy of love and family she has left for all of you. When I first met Gran Gran she also welcomed your dad and I as family and she shared her sweet love for everyone too. I'm sure we will be sharing wonderful memories of her for years to come.

Now about Anniston! Dad and I are PRAISING God for the MIRACLE He has performed on our granddaughter's heart!! We are also so thankful for all the prayer support from everyone.

We Love You!
mom "GG"

Deb said...

Oh my gosh!! I didn't know...I am SO sorry. Gran Gran was so precious! We met by chance trying on shoes in Wal-mart together. I was talking about my son being at Tech and she was talking about her grandson and finally I put two and two together and I told her they were both at my dining room table working on a project! I thought she was sooo cute and instantly I wanted to be like her when I get to that age! I know you will miss her. I am so sorry.

Carey said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! He is sooo worthy!!! I'm soo glad to hear the good news about precious Anniston! She is being healed and perfected!

I'm sorry to hear about Stan's grandmother, but clearly she has lived a life of love and is with our sweet Lord now!

See you Sunday :)

WoodardFamily said...

Loved seeing yall! You look so great and we cannot wait to meet Anniston. Hopefully late this summer we can all meet in Ruston. We are so so so happy about your sono results and cannot wait to hear how the next one goes! Love yall!

Such a pretty picture of grandmommy :)

Anonymous said...

WOW O WOW!!!!! I GIVE GOD THE GLORY for what HE has done!!!! I will continue to believe that Anniston is healed!!!! She is going to be such a testimony of God's grace!

Gran Gran is BEAUTIFUL! I am so sorry that you guys lost this sweet soul.
I feel like i want to be like her when i grow up.

Happy Thursday!


Oh, THANK YOU for praying for Campbell! He is doing much much better! Such a blessing!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Praise God!

Brooklyn said...


You better make a wish as you blow out those candles on April 24th!!!!

Kristen T said...

Wow! Seth and I are rejoicing with ya'll! We will continue to pray! I'm so excited to see you this weekend!! Love you!

Shellie Tomlinson said...

Oh, praise our sweet Lord! I'm ecstatic about your report and am continuing to pray for your precious Anniston.