Saturday, May 30, 2009

catching up

I'm so very last minute posting these pics from a couple of special showers, but I just wanted to make sure these gals know how much I love them and how much I appreciated their thoughtfulness!  I also know I better go ahead and post these now because after next Monday, we're only going to see pics of a certain someone!

This first shower was given last month by some special friends that were in the youth group that I interned with in college.  Several sweet girls from the youth as well as the college ministry were able to come, and we had a great time!  It's crazy because so many of these girls are graduating high school and even college now!

Thank you Lindsey and Lauren for everything!

The food was delicious!

Aren't these the most precious petit fours?

This next shower was given by some sweet friends here in Hattiesburg a couple weeks ago.  It was so much fun!

It was extra-special to have family in town for the shower!

Thank you Emily, Melissa, Amanda, and Laura!!


Thanks again!!!

*I've received so many sweet e-mails, comments, voice-mails, and text messages in the last couple of days from many of you, and I just wanted to say thank you and that I will get back to you as soon as I can!  I wish I had more time these last couple of days before Anniston is here to chat with you all, but I'm sure you understand.  I feel so blessed to have you all in my life and that you care enough to check in on us!  

**ALSO, my appointment yesterday was doc said I'm closer to 3cm dilated now, and I'm 75% effaced!  Maybe Anniston'll be ready right when we get to the hospital on Monday!  Wouldn't that be great?!  Almost sounds too good to be true, ha.


Carey said...

Isn't it funny how your body is getting ready right on time! it really is amazing that your are progressing so well especially with your first baby--our God is so good!
I'm coming to Jackson on the 2nd I will call to see if you are up for visitors...or at least peek at Anniston through the glass :))))
luv u girl!!
oh, I'm soo excited for yall!

"GG"s Journal said...

ok.. I'm tearing up at the thought of meeting Anniston tomorrow! God has blessed ALL of us so much during this time. We have grown closer to HIM and each other as we traveled this road together. The Holy Spirit is truly the COMFORTER, HEALER and PROVIDER! We have seen this time and time again. Dad and I pray the entire time you are in labor you feel the Holy Spirit's peace and presence as our LORD gets ready to introduce your daughter to you, Stan, your friends and extended family. May the JOY of the LORD give you strength as you labor that you would even find laughter and easiness as you go through the process. We have TRUSTED in HIM and HE is giving you the desires of your heart. When Anniston is born you will know and experience first hand a mother's love for her child as you look in her sweet face. I know I felt an overwhelming love when I looked on you and Matthew the first time and I still do to this day. You are beautiful inside and out. We are so proud of you and Stan. You both are already wonderful parents. I've seen the love and care you have already shown while preparing for this day and it will carry on throughout the years. Because this is who you are. The parents of Anniston Claire Martin, sweetheart to all and blessed beyond measure.

mom "GG"

Emery Wilkerson said...

Praying for all 3 of you tomorrow!! You will do great! Can't wait to hear all the details about precious baby Anniston!

randi said...

I've been thinking about you guys all weekend and am so anxious on ya'll's behalf about tomorrow! I know all is going to go well! We'll be in prayer, for sure and sending lots of happy wishes and good thoughts your way, too! Love and hugs to all three of you! Can't wait to hear!

Leigh-Ann Washer said...

Girl! I am just overjoyed for ya'll! Enjoy your night tonight and rest in the Lord's peace. I cannot wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby girl =). I will be praying for you, your sweet hubby and that precious baby girl!s

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you, your husband, your mom and of course baby Anniston Claire have been in my every thought and prayer the past few days. You are a very beautiful family, both physically and spiritual so I know she will be most adorable and blessed. We will keep you all in our prayers and await news of her birth and how you are all doing. Love in Christ Peggy Johnson
Grandmother to Anniston Claire Swallows in Cookeville Tn

The Albritton's said...

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! AHhhh...I am so happy for you sweet friend! Praying for you guys and know the LORD will give you an overwhelming since of peace and comfort!! Can't wait to see her and to meet in the middle! LOVE YOU!

Brooklyn said...

Today could be THE DAY!!! You are now an "all" (as in 3) family instead of a "both" (as in 2) family:) I am praying for ALL of you!!

Julie Kratzer said...

I can't believe the big day is here already!! I'm praying for you and can't wait to get the message that baby Anniston is here! I know the Lord has His hand on your family. You are such a light; your faith such an encouragement to everyone who knows you! I hope I can see you ALL soon! We are planning to go home sometime in July, maybe around the 4th, so I'm hoping I can sneak in a visit at that time.
All my prayers! Luv ya!

The Browns said...

What a pretty shower & her nursery is lovely too! I am a little over 2 months pregnant, but can't wait to find out what I'm having so I can plan a nursery! Goodluck on your labor & delivery! God Bless :)