Thursday, June 4, 2009

another first

Her lil pod.

I made it to PA today, and everything is going great.  As you can see, I was able to hold Anniston for the first time, and it was wonderful.  The surgery will be tomorrow sometime mid-morning.  We do not know an exact time yet because there is another procedure before ours.  If we had to guess, we would say somewhere around 10am EST.  The physician's assistant told us that Anniston's surgery should last anywhere between 3 1/2 and 6 hours.

Something pretty random and neat happened today.  We met a family from Laurel, MS who have a daughter who is about to have her third surgery by the same surgeon as ours:  Dr. Spray.  We've heard a lot about Dr. Spray.  He is one of the best heart surgeons in the world, if not the best.  Anyway, the father of this family from Laurel was talking to us, and he said that he told Dr. Spray one day that "modern science can do some pretty amazing things, but you know what?  God has His hand on this place, and He is working miracles here."  To which Dr. Spray grabbed his hand and replied:  "I figured that out thirty years ago, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't give my mind and my hands to the Lord when I'm scrubbing up for surgery."  Isn't that amazing?!  I am so thankful that our surgeon, such a highly acclaimed man, trusts in the Lord and recognizes His power working through him.

Also, please lift up Hadassah, daughter of our friends Mark and Esther (from LA), who is having heart surgery tomorrow morning too (**Sorry, it's NEXT Friday; I was wrong**).  It's her third surgery, and they are at the children's hospital in Boston.  I'll have to tell you more about them later...they are AMAZING.

Love you all and are so encouraged by your words and prayers.  Will update tomorrow afternoon after Anniston's successful surgery!


Carey said...

oh, i'm wiping tears from my eyes...i'm sooo glad that this man who will be operating on Anniston trusts the Lord. How much peace that must give you! oh, does our God know what He's doing or what--i know he sent yall especially to Dr. Spray.
I will be praying all morning! (along with the rest of North Louisiana that I've sent text messages too :)
We love yall!

Melanie said...

Beautiful photos, Lindsey. Congratulations. I have no doubts that everything will go beautifully tomorrow! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a mighty God we serve! You know tomorrow is the 5th and 5 is the biblical number of grace. YOU GO GOD!!!!

TheFancyFritter said...

Praying for your sweet baby girl! I'm so happy you got to hold her today! You look so happy! :) I can't wait to hear how everything goes! "He is is able to do more abundantly than all that we ask or think..."Gal. 3:20


Penny said...

God is soooo good! We are thanking God already for Anniston's successful surgery! You do not realize what a blessing your little family is being to so many people. Our faith is being so encouraged by watching your journey. Thanks for sharing with us all. Love you! (The pictures are indeed beautiful!)

Lora said...

God sent that little message about your surgeon to comfort you all. I am AMAZED, but I don't know why I should be. God is Great! We are in prayer for you all!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That is an amazing doctor, wow. Praying for Anniston this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear what a beautiful picture! And what a beautiful picture you painted of Dr. Spray.

I just know that the surgery will go GREAT!

I have thought and prayed for you guys AO MUCH!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with what Penny wrote about your little family being a blessing to so many. God is working in so many people's lives through your faithfulness. I feel so honored to call you my friend and to be able to get on my knees and pray for the Martin family. I love you guys!

Deb said...

I cried when I saw you holding your sweet baby girl...I have been so upset thinking of you being away from her!

I am thankful for Dr. Spray and Godly docs like him!!! The Lord has placed you all in the perfect place with the best doctor. God is so good! Our world is fallen, but HE is still in control! Waiting for good news!

Jessica said...

Like Carey- I am crying after reading your post. How blessed you are to have a doctor who trust in the Lord to perform miracles through him. Praise God! You are on my mind all morning and I will be praying for Anniston all day!

Anonymous said...

I came to look again! Anniston, you and Stan are so sweet!



I told the boys about Dr. Spray! I emphasized the fact that he is a christian and how wonderful that is etc... They both smiled and agreed but giggled mostly about his name! Boys!