Friday, June 26, 2009


Anniston had a post-op echocardiogram (sonogram of the heart) done on Wednesday, and we received the results yesterday.  Everything from her surgery is looking wonderful!  Woohoo!  She was in the deepest sleep ever during the ultrasound and did not budge one was pretty funny.

One of our favorite bands, The Fray (!!!), was in town for a concert Wednesday night so we escaped the hospital for a bit and went on a lil date!  I wanted to feel guilty for leaving, but I can say now that this respite was much needed...we had a blast!

Speaking of taking a break:  I happened upon these two lounging this afternoon.

**It's looking like we will be discharged from the hospital on Monday!!  Anniston will have completed her IV antibiotics at this time, and we will be giving her the remainder of her medicine orally at home for 10 big deal!**


Jamie Jones said...

I'm sure you are so excited about coming home. I've got you in my prayers and wish you the best. I'm glad that everything has went well for you guys. I love the picture of her napping with Daddy. I can't wait to do that myself.

Carey said...

Oh, Praise the Sweet Lord! I know you must be beside yourself with joy about finally getting home! So glad everything with the check up went well. That picture is so funny of her sleeping through it-she obviously wasn't worried :)
Love yall!

"GG"s Journal said...

I'm so excited to see ALL of you on Monday! :) We are getting everything ready to head your way... washing clothes and freezing food to have while there!I was just about to go to bed and decided to check your blog one more time. She is SO precious while sleeping with her daddy and getting her echo! I could look at her all day long! See you soon!!! YAY!!!

mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

MONDAY!!!! MONDAY!!!! WOW O WOW! Thank You sweet Jesus that this sweet family is COMING HOME and Anniston is HEALTHY!!!!

The FRAY!!!! I am so glad that you guys got to slip out a bit. I think you are so wise to do that and NOT FEEL GUILTY! It makes for better parents! Keep that up. And, uhhhh, i would be willing to keep that sweet THANG for date nights in the future! ANYTIME!!!

That sweetness sleeping on dad.... HEAVEN!

The youth left on Mission trip today! Lee is with them. The boys and I will miss him but so glad he gets to go! Please keep thEm and us in your prayers. It's kind of hard being a single mom but God is going to carry us through while Dad is away!


love, christi

Lora said...


Deb said...

The Fray! I am so glad you got to go out to the concert! You needed that...congrats on being set free to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are getting excited about Soda's arrival... Josh wants him to come on the 8th so his b. day will be 07-08-09.

WoodardFamily said...

I am SO happy yall are coming home!! Have safe travels today. XOXO Elizabeth

Brooklyn said...

YAY for getting to bring that beautiful baby home!!! How exciting?!

Pam Scott said...

So glad to hear that you are home!