Friday, June 19, 2009

a little longer

SO, it looks like we will be in PA for another 10 days :).  Because Anniston is so young, the doctors decided that she will need to conclude her IV antibiotics at the hospital.  Actually, after the 10 days we will be administering oral antibiotics for another 10 to 14 days once we get home.  She really is fine, they just would rather be over-cautious as to not put her at risk of relapse, no matter how small that risk might be.  I'm thinking this medical staff should be getting pretty sick of us right about now! ha  Oh well, it's not bad being here, and we're enjoying being able to parent more now that she's in the step-down room instead of intensive care.  I guess that's all for today...I'll try to post more pics tomorrow!


Glenda said...

Be patient. Sometimes it takes longer to heal than we would like but you will be home soon. Anniston needs to be with the doctors right now and they along with God will get her healed. We are still praying for your family. Keep your faith strong.

Adam Jennings said...

Where are y'all again in PA? We live up here in Erie! I wish I could come see y'all!

Adam Jennings said...

That was Camille, not Adam.


"GG"s Journal said...

I love you and we miss all of you so much... but we are so happy you are where Anniston is receiving the BEST care! Time will pass quickly and we will see you soon! Enjoy every moment... babies grow up so fast! I know mine did... she has her own child now! :)

Love You,
mom "GG" and dad "grandpa"

Paige Mills said...

Hey guys.

Jeff and I have been thinking and praying for your sweet little family. Anniston is beautiful and I can not wait to meet her in person. Keep the faith. God love you guys. Love ya!

Paige mills