Tuesday, June 9, 2009

prayer focus

Anniston's doing great.  She does still have the breathing tube again, but they were able to start feeding her some of my milk through a feeding tube tonight, and we are VERY grateful for that progress.

I guess the bigger news of the day is that we talked to a geneticist about what caused this abnormality in Anniston's heart, and we wanted you all to know the results of their findings so that you will have something specific to pray for concerning our baby.  After running some tests on her blood-work, the genetics team determined that Anniston has a deletion, or missing piece, in her chromosome 22.  This deletion is often associated with Interrupted Aortic Arch and a few other issues.  These issues include immune difficulties, calcium deficiency, and possible speech problems.  The doctor said that if she were to have any of these difficulties, they are all completely treatable and should not last long.  Initially, this appears to be a mild case based upon Anniston's properly formed palette, her ability to coo, and normal development and proper measurements of her bones and organs.  Although we have seen many signs that she is perfectly healthy in all of these areas, we know that it cannot hurt to pray and believe that this syndrome will not affect Anniston as she continues to mature.  

Thank you all SO much for your prayers.  I was reminded today of the verse about friendship that says:  "If one falls down, his friend can help him up, but pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up."  Ecclesiasties 4:10  All of you have been this for me and Stan.  Your words of affirmation and consistent, fervent prayer to our Father have been such a source of strength for us.  You are loved and appreciated more than you know.

P.S.:  I can't believe she's a week old today!


"GG"s Journal said...

Awe...I was holding that sweet little foot this morning... and playing with those soft little toes. While standing at the foot of her bed I was thinking about taking a picture of them before I left but didn't. Thanks so much for posting one. You know I love feet pics. I have some of you and Matthew as well. Haave a good day. We're praying for all three of you.

miss you... but it does feel good to be home too. :) See you soon!

Love mom,

Lora said...

SWEET little foot! Glad everyday brings progress toward coming home.

Carey said...

Amen to Anniston's good health!
It looks like she and E could trade shoes in the future with their long slender feet :)
We love yall and continue to pray!

Lynne said...

Our prayers are continuing hourly for you all- It looks like to me we have a little girl who will go at all odds against this and come home soon. we love you all Lynne Lamar and the girls

The Albritton's said...

How precious is that foot! I am so happy for you guys! The Lord is continually honoring the faitfulness you and Stan have shown to him! Love you friend and can't wait to see you! Still praying! :)

Deb said...

ahhh...what a cute little toeseys. Glad to hear she has had milk in her tummy....hopefully it won't be long before she can nurse. I pray she will have no other complication as a result of chromosome 22. Isn't it awesome how intricately we are created!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - We have never met, but I've seen you one time on a frac location in South LA. Stan was afraid to let you out of the truck I guess. Stanton gave me your blog address, I think because he was tired of me bugging him.... I hope you don't mind. I just wanted you to know that the entire town (big city) of Evergreen, LA is praying for You, Stan and especially Anniston. We may not be big in numbers, but I believe that doesn't matter. Keep your faith and take in every moment with her, before you know it she will be 2 and completely driving you crazy.... trust me. One other thing - what size do you think that foot will be around duck season? We might have to find some custom fit waders.

Olin Machen

Anonymous said...

I am on that prayer request now! And I BELIEVE that while she has this syndrome, she will be FINE because God has special plans for this child!

Praise the Lord for all he has done and will do!

May the Lord hold you all up as you work through this time! May the praises of His love be ever present on your lips and heart! I pray that when fatigue is present that He will give you rest. Most importantly, i pray when worry sets in that HE TAKES IT AWAY and gives you COMPLETE peace!
Heal baby Anniston, God and show YOUR POWER for all to see! In YOURS and ONLY YOUR name!!!!


Brooklyn said...

Such a precious little foot! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I don't know about the other things, but it looks like Meg has the speech stuff covered! God planted that seed a long time ago:)

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures you have a precious little girl.I know that what your going through is a very trying time.All you can do is keep lifting her up to the lord and he will take care of her.My wife and I spent time at CHOP's with our son and I believe that your at the best place you could be for Anniston.I bet yall can't wait to bring that little girl home and show her off.It will happen before you know it.Every one at B&P is praying for her and we hope to see you soon.

Stacy Buckley

Anonymous said...

Her little feet are so sweet. I took pictures of our Anniston Claire's feet just today. How sweet is that. Beth Ann and I are still remembering you and your precious family and hope that you will be home soon. Peggy J and Beth Ann Swallows

Anonymous said...

Stan, Lindsey, & Anniston,
We just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have faith that that precious baby girl will progress leaps and bounds beyond any medical predictions. Just watch! :-)
Love you all very much,
Tommy and Regina Goss

Rachel said...

Guys...if anyone can understand ... it is us! We ARE here for you....we have stumbled our way and look at the outcome. Anniston can be that shining exception just as Wesley has been. Believe you are NEVER alone! All our love..David, Rachel, Wesley and Aaron

glenda said...

What a precious little girl you have and Anniston is going to be fine because she has so many prayers going up to God for his strength and healing powers. We will continue to pray for your family.

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you guys!!!!