Thursday, June 11, 2009


We had such an encouraging day!  Anniston was able to have her ventilator removed this morning, and we were finally able to hold her again!  So now, all she has is her feeding tube, the cannula going into her nostrils to emit some oxygen (just precautionary...she doesn't need it), and an IV line in her left hand if they need to give her any meds or supplements.  

**I thought this was funny:  Anniston had a line of lipids/nutrients going into her umbilical cord, and the nurse told us this morning that she pulled it out!  They were going to take it out today anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.  She just wanted us to know that she's ready for the next step!

Now, we can pretty much pick her up whenever we want!  

In a couple of days, Stan and I will be able to attempt to feed Anniston with a bottle before she is eventually allowed to try nursing.  We're praying that she is responsive to the bottle, and that it will be natural for her to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time!


Tomorrow, Friday, baby Hadassah (daughter of Mark and Esther from home...LA) is having her third heart surgery in Boston.  Please pray for this sweet family and agree with them for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for their precious little girl!


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! I checked one more time before going to bed and PRASIE THE LORD for PROGRESS!!!! Looking forward to seeing more soon!


Thank You God for this blessing!

I have been thinking and praying for you all very often!

Christi Cave

"GG"s Journal said...
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"GG"s Journal said...

I checked one more time before bed too! Everything sounds great! I'm so glad you are able to hold her more now. What a blessing for her and both of you! We can't wait for you to come home. I look forward to holding my little grand-daughter, while unpacking and washing! I'll even help you too!:)

mom "GG"

Lauren Meador said...

Lindsey, she is beautiful, and you are all in our prayers!

Lora said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL-DELICATE little flower! I know you relish your sweet time holding her-but just wait that time will be non-ending soon!

BlueEyedMum said...

What an awesome step forward. Prayers for many more quick or baby steps forward!

Judith said...

She is so lovely. Praying that the three of you will be happily home soon -- and that sweet Hadassah does well, also.

Deb said...

Wish I would have checked this before I went to bed then I would have known about the vent being removed. That would have made my night! So funny that she pulled one tube out herself....just like my Dad did two weeks ago when he was in the hospital! Hahaha. Only older folks and babies get away with things like this with nurses! So glad you can pick her up whenever you want!!!!!!!! That is HUGE!

PTL you are getting closer and closer to being able to go home and get down to the business of being Mommy and Daddy!! Get your rest NOW!

Hollyn Breen said...

Hey Lindsey!
I've been keeping up with all your updates. She is so precious! Glad things are going well for all of you.

Will keep praying!

Hollyn = aka HaHa (thats what Ashley's 22 month old, Harper, calls me too)

WoodardFamily said...

Awesome news!! Could not be more happy for yall. Hope you have a great weekend holding Anniston!

Carey said...

I love that pic of her looking into your eyes...there's nothing like that! Praise the Lord for encouragement!