Sunday, June 14, 2009

so close...still need prayer!

Anniston in her first outfit...a cute lil hospital gown!
She started taking a full bottle yesterday, SO:

She doesn't have a feeding tube anymore!!  (Actually she pulled it out too, but they were ready to take it out anyway.)  *Note the sleepy-head trying to doze mid-feed in the above pic :).

We do have a some prayer requests.  Anniston has had a few small things come up today that mostly appear to be normal baby issues, but the doctors are of course monitoring her closely just to be safe.  She has some mucous in her eyes and has had a small amount of blood in a few stools.  The mucous seems to be no big deal, and while the blood seemed like a bigger issue to us, the doctors said it is pretty common, but they are keeping a close eye on it.  Anniston also has a small infection that was found after some cultures were taken today, so she is on some antibiotics.  The top of her incision has opened a good bit since her surgery, so the infection could have originated there.  Her vitals are perfect, she does not seem to be in any pain, and she is taking full feeds, so clinically there is nothing raising a red flag there.  Obviously, the doctors are not too concerned because they are planning on moving her to the step-down room tomorrow morning!  She really does look awesome, and she has only been crying when hungry so we are claiming that she is healthy and moving forward in her recovery!  Thank you for praying for our baby!


"GG"s Journal said...

Praying... Praying.... for your sweet little one. God is the Healer and we claim health for Anniston in the PERFECT name of Jesus Christ. We rejoice over the great news about the step down room too... sounds like everything is progressing nicely and you will be home soon! Yea!!:) Hadassah's dad, Mark, told me once the tubes are out the recovery comes pretty quick.

We love you three!
mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

So on this eve of VBS, I am still up because I am so wound up over the USM game.... SO, i checked in on you guys!

LOOK at the sweetness in her gown! WOW! And she is SICK of those tubes so she got rid of them! Spunky little thing!

I will pray for these things you mentioned. Must just be some "normal" things if no one seems real concerned. I pray that they go away and stay away!

I am so thankful for these wonderful reports. God has certainly shown His power in Anniston's little life!


Christ for all Nation said...

S and L, Anniston is gorgeous! I think by looking at her she is a perfect blend of the two of you.

L - I am so pleased for you, welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood! Matthew, Judah and I would love to send you, Stan and lovely little Anniston a little gift...could we please get your home address. (you can email it to me at

Lots of love to you all,

Deb said...

She sure looks healthy...SO PRETTY for a newborn ...but will pray for those small issues to be resolved. I just keep thinking of how faithful the Lord has been all these months!

Carey said...

Yay!! So glad she is eating so well. I know that was a big deal to you Lindsey. And a step down room is just one step closer to being home!! We are still praying and praising the Lord!

We 3 1/2 said...

Hey! So sorry to have been out of touch for so long...I have faithfully kept up with you guys and am so grateful for your posts so we know what's going on! It's SO encouraging to see all your beautiful pictures and to hear continued good reports. Many prayers as always on Anniston's behalf and much love to your new sweet family!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for all of you. She looks more beautiful with each passing day. Enjoy the step down and tell that sweet girl to keep getting stronger because we are ready for her to be home!