Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a good day, but tonight was a little scary.  Yesterday, the doctors removed Anniston's ventilator, but after supper tonight, we returned to the hospital to find that she had been struggling to breathe, and they had to reinsert the tube.  Stan and I were discouraged since it was actually because of the previous ventilator that she was having difficulties tonight:  the tube irritated her trachea and caused some swelling and secretions.  It just seemed counterintuitive to us that they would want to put another tube in, but now we understand that it was necessary.  Anniston was given some medication to reduce the swelling in her trachea, and the tube is smaller, so we're praying that when they take it out, hopefully in the next couple of days, no further irritation or swelling will occur.  Hearing that she could barely breathe for a few seconds was so alarming to us, but we are grateful that she is doing better now and that the doctors just so happened to be right near her bed as she began to struggle.

Some good news is that Anniston had three lines removed from her heart today (these were wires going into her chest that they inserted during surgery to internally monitor the heart's performance and to medicate the heart if needed)...huge praise!  Her post-op X-rays have looked spectacular so far, her color is still great, her incision is perfect, her heart rate is steady, and after this ventilator is removed, we should be able to try to feed her!  I guess the biggest hurdles right now are her breathing and eventually her feedings.  Once these are established, we should get the clear to return home!  (They're estimating another 
week or two.)


Anonymous said...

Keep up your faith in the Good Lord and he will guide you through this time. Anniston will be fine and all the tubes will come out eventually. God is good.


Carey said...

That is Phenominal! Oh, I know yall are so ready to be home! I'm praying your feedings go good! Hopefully she will latch right on and you won't have any problems! God gave you a little fighter!
We love yall!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. I can't wait for you to get to breast feed!!!

Lynne said...

Anniston sounds like she is doing great-hurdles are hard but it won't be long until you have that baby feeding in your arms-thanks for keeping so in touch- we love you all Lynne

Susan said...

My husband and I had many discouraging moments when Mackynlee was at CHOP. You seem to take one step forward and two steps back. The doctors and nurses are all wonderful there. Trust in the Lord and take one day at a time. That's what all heart parents have to learn to do or everything can seem overwhelming at times. If there's anything I can do or questions I can answer, please email me at or post a comment on my carepage at

Heart Hugs, Susan Bedwell
Mother to Mackynlee (14 week old heart baby)

Deb said...

Glad to know there are no major complications! It is hard to see a sweet little baby have ANY problems...hang in there. I am still giving the Lord thanks!