Friday, July 31, 2009


Our sweet little girl began sleeping 7 to 8 hours Monday night!!!  She had an off-night Tuesday, but she's gotten back on track the last couple of nights!  Hopefully we have consistency in our future!!

And, just to brag on the Lord for a sec:  the book we're doing (Babywise) to get Anniston on a schedule says that most babies with this routine begin sleeping through the night at about 8 weeks.  But, it says if the child has been hospitalized, it typically takes them a month or two longer.  WELL, Anniston is 8 weeks!!  

I just looked back at a verse I read yesterday, and I'm relating very well because I have had rest and much delight this week!  It's Proverbs 29:17 "Discipline your child, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart."

I know going by this book doesn't work for everyone (and we do only have a few nights under our belt, ha), but I'm thankful that this routine seems to fit our girl pretty well!

***One other thing:  I feel like I should make a point to say that to follow the main principles of Babywise strictly (the book actually advises you to be somewhat flexible) could result in some negative repercussions.  While I do believe this book helps a parent understand their child better and can lead to much success by means of a routine, I also think that it can be misinterpreted and taken to an extreme that is not 
beneficial to a baby.***

Monday, July 27, 2009

still chillin

My parents came in this past weekend to visit while Stan was out of town, and we had a great time!  Because we can't get Anniston out around too many people until her shots, we did lots of hanging out at home while managing to get outside some.  My dad was so sweet to stay in the car and babysit while my mom and I braved a few stores to run errands.  We were able to get several things checked off my list...thanks to you both!

Grandpa and GG with Anniston

We went on a stroller ride...little too hot on a July morning in South Mississippi!  (Please don't worry...I know she's not secure in the seat...still inside the house, but I know we should practice her being secure always.)  She looks so old in this pic to me.

We also made our way down to the neighborhood pool Saturday morning for a bit.  Anniston wore her swimsuit for good measure and slept under the fans in the cool shade :).  
She's a diva, I tell you.

But mostly, she just got loved-on...

I thought this was funny.  My dad just kept singing "Old McDonald" to her...remember that song??   You know:  the one that had a farm? ha  Good times...

I'm so glad you guys were able to come!  Anniston loves you and can't wait for you to come back soon!

Here's that sweet smile I was telling you about...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

prayer request

Please pray for Marc, Jamie, and Katie Jones.  You might have seen a comment by Jamie on our blog before.  She and Marc found out in their pregnancy that their baby boy, Kody, had the same heart defect as Anniston.  After his surgery, he had some trouble with his lungs, and I just heard that he passed away last weekend.  I can't even describe how much I ache for this family, and I can't begin to imagine all that they must be going through.  Please pray that they will have comfort and peace in the middle of so much pain and that the Lord will be their strength...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my heart is full...

and my face is sore!  Anniston just gave us a couple lil INTENTIONAL smiles!!  We've seen some gassy ones for several weeks now, but today was her first true big smile on purpose!  They aren't that easy to come by yet, though.  I think I wore her out.  When I laid her down for a nap, she pretty much CONKED out right away.  I'll try to get some pics as soon as we can coordinate making funny faces and getting the camera up in time to capture the moment :).

In other milestone news, her neck is getting so much stronger.  When we support her stomach and back in a sitting up position, she will hold her head straight up for a while before she turns back into a bobble head! 

For now, I think I'm going to join her in that one told me how much your cheeks hurt when you become a parent...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more introductions!

Last Sunday, some of Stan's family came down to meet Anniston, and we were of course thrilled to introduce her to them!

Here she is meeting her great-grandparents!!

Mrs. Glenda admiring Anniston (and vice versa)

She was mesmerized by Mr. Billy...could she be taking in the sight of a mustache for the first time?? ha

Stan's Aunt Lynne and Uncle Lamar came all the way from Texas!  
Anniston LOVED meeting you guys, and we were all so excited to see you and catch up!

Cute pic of her with Janjan :).


Anniston's been adjusting to life at home very well!  I'm almost afraid to say this, but she's just been too easy lately.  It seems that since we stopped her oral antibiotic a few days ago (!), she has been much more calm and mellow. (Not that she was that fussy but when she was, she could reach a note that I never knew existed.)  My mom told me that she was on the adult version of Anniston's antibiotic and that it really hurt her stomach...I hate to think that she was probably in pain from her medicine.  All in all, the medication did its job, and I've been enjoying seeing her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed these last few days!

Also, Anniston saw her pediatrician for the first time yesterday!  She was alert and squirming all over the table as he examined her, and he said you would never know what she's been through just by looking at her.  She's now 7lbs, 13 oz!  Ever since she started nursing our last week in PA, she has gained nearly an ounce a day!!

Here she is taking in her new playmat.

She really likes the butterflies :).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

catching up again

It's been an eventful week!! As you know, last week on Monday we arrived home and were greeted at the airport by our family!  It was pretty emotional as it was the first time for everyone to hold Anniston.  (Not to mention the fact that it had been a few weeks since our family had seen us all in PA.)  After leaving the airport, my parents came down for a few days followed by Stan's parents.  It was nice having people wait on us hand and foot, ha!

Here are the grandparents awaiting our arrival!

GG holding Anniston for the first time!

Granpa feeding the impatient little one
JanJan cuddling with Anniston

OUT in Pops's lap!

Aunt Meg and Uncle Bryan were able to come in to visit also!  Anniston loved spending quality time with you guys!  Thanks to all the fam for helping us get settled!

Last Wednesday, my mom and I took Anniston to her follow-up cardiology appointment in Jackson, and her heart looked just awesome to our doctor!  Praise the Lord!!

She had her first stroller ride this week, too!!

Wednesday was also mine and Stan's 3 year anniversary!  It's been an amazing three years, and I can't tell you how grateful I am as I look back on our wedding day, thinking about how we have been covered in prayer from the beginning.  And just when I thought it impossible to love someone any more than I already did, God made him a dad...

And, his birthday is today!  (Did I say it's been an eventful week?!)
Isn't she cute watching her daddy open his present?!

Thank you, Stan, for loving me and Anniston more than I could have ever dreamed...and for loving God more than even that indescribable, tangible love that I am blessed to receive from you every day.  I love you and hope this is your best birthday ever!!  

Thursday, July 2, 2009