Tuesday, July 7, 2009

catching up again

It's been an eventful week!! As you know, last week on Monday we arrived home and were greeted at the airport by our family!  It was pretty emotional as it was the first time for everyone to hold Anniston.  (Not to mention the fact that it had been a few weeks since our family had seen us all in PA.)  After leaving the airport, my parents came down for a few days followed by Stan's parents.  It was nice having people wait on us hand and foot, ha!

Here are the grandparents awaiting our arrival!

GG holding Anniston for the first time!

Granpa feeding the impatient little one
JanJan cuddling with Anniston

OUT in Pops's lap!

Aunt Meg and Uncle Bryan were able to come in to visit also!  Anniston loved spending quality time with you guys!  Thanks to all the fam for helping us get settled!

Last Wednesday, my mom and I took Anniston to her follow-up cardiology appointment in Jackson, and her heart looked just awesome to our doctor!  Praise the Lord!!

She had her first stroller ride this week, too!!

Wednesday was also mine and Stan's 3 year anniversary!  It's been an amazing three years, and I can't tell you how grateful I am as I look back on our wedding day, thinking about how we have been covered in prayer from the beginning.  And just when I thought it impossible to love someone any more than I already did, God made him a dad...

And, his birthday is today!  (Did I say it's been an eventful week?!)
Isn't she cute watching her daddy open his present?!

Thank you, Stan, for loving me and Anniston more than I could have ever dreamed...and for loving God more than even that indescribable, tangible love that I am blessed to receive from you every day.  I love you and hope this is your best birthday ever!!  


meg58 said...

My fav blog yet! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy 5 Weeks of Life!! What a wonderful week! Miss yall! Can't wait to hold her again!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday, Stan!
Happy Anniversary to you both!
Happy Home Coming to you all!
Happy for the beautiful heart!

God has shined His blessings on you guys and I pray that He continues. In the storm, you all held tight and He carried you! What an awesome God we serve!!!!

I dreamed of Anniston the other night. I had clicked on your blog, like I do very often, "one last time before bed". So i suppose she being the last image i saw, i dreamed of her. In my dream, she spent the night with us! HA! I loved on her, she slept in a bouncy seat on the foot of my bed. HA! It was so real I could almost smell her! I hope i get to love on her one day soon!


"GG"s Journal said...

Awe... what a wonderful time in all our lives! God has blessed our/your sweet family so much! I hope to see you soon! :) We feel so blessed to have such a special family... our love overflows for you three. (...love the new pics of Anniston too!) May God bless you richly with rest, loads of fun and good times in the days ahead!

mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

Ok, i came back to look at pics and clicked on comments....

I wrote, "God has shined...." HAHAHA!

God has shone!



Pam Scott said...

Lindsey and Stan,
We enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone! It looks like so much fun to be a grandparent! Thanks for sharing the pictures and special events with all of us so far away. We are still praying for Anniston and thanking God for all that He has already done in her life.
Pam and Fletcher

Carey said...

Wow, I remembered your Anniversary and forgot to send you a text-drats! I'm so thankful that everything looked great at Anniston's appt! Praise the good Lord! Aren't stroller rides the best? And babies sleeping in their daddy's arms? :)
Happy Birthday Stan!
Read a verse yesterday and thought it applied perfectly to yall!
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.
Psalm 34:19

jessie said...

hey lindsey! i'm not sure we've ever met but i'm a fried of meg's. she worked with me at mcintyre for many years! she's kept me informed on how y'all are doing and i love checking in for updates on anniston! so glad everything went well with the surgery and that y'all are now home! she's a cutie!