Monday, July 27, 2009

still chillin

My parents came in this past weekend to visit while Stan was out of town, and we had a great time!  Because we can't get Anniston out around too many people until her shots, we did lots of hanging out at home while managing to get outside some.  My dad was so sweet to stay in the car and babysit while my mom and I braved a few stores to run errands.  We were able to get several things checked off my list...thanks to you both!

Grandpa and GG with Anniston

We went on a stroller ride...little too hot on a July morning in South Mississippi!  (Please don't worry...I know she's not secure in the seat...still inside the house, but I know we should practice her being secure always.)  She looks so old in this pic to me.

We also made our way down to the neighborhood pool Saturday morning for a bit.  Anniston wore her swimsuit for good measure and slept under the fans in the cool shade :).  
She's a diva, I tell you.

But mostly, she just got loved-on...

I thought this was funny.  My dad just kept singing "Old McDonald" to her...remember that song??   You know:  the one that had a farm? ha  Good times...

I'm so glad you guys were able to come!  Anniston loves you and can't wait for you to come back soon!

Here's that sweet smile I was telling you about...


"GG"s Journal said...

...miss her already!! So glad we could help you this past weekend and we are already looking forward to our next visit! :) One of the many thrills while there was seeing her sweet smile in person! We praise the Lord for Anniston and for the fun times and memories we will share in the future. You are such a wonderful mom, Lindsey! How you care for all her needs, sing sweet songs and read to her is so sweet. Dad and I are so proud of you and Stan, Anniston is so blessed to have you two as her parents. Stan just glows when he sees her and cares for her equally as well. Your love and care for her is beautiful to watch.

See you soon! :)

mom "GG"

Deb said... sweet. I wanna see her in her bathing suit. Guess I didn't know they came so tiny! Your parents are just like us...can't quit looking! It is the most wonderful feeling. Boy! I bet Stan was missing his girls!! Thanks for sharing more adorable pics, Lindsey. Love the smile!!

Aurelia Joy said...

She is so beautiful.

jewels said...

AWWW..I love these pictures! She is so precious! She does look like such a big girl sitting in her stroller. Your parents are so cute with her! I'm glad she is doing well; she looks beautiful!! I hope I can meet her soon. We are making plans to be back in LA for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I hope we can get together! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh that girl is some kind of sweet! THAT SMILE!!!

I have seen that grandparent look before... sort of glazed over and in total love! I hear that there is nothing like a grandparent love. I can't imagine but that's what they say!

Enjoy every second!!!

Thanks for prayers for my dad. He is doing GREAT!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Um, do you watch Gilmore Girls? Because that song that is playing is the song from when Luke & Lorelai first dance...Reflecting Light! Cool. I"m a nerd.

Carey said...

Oh, she is just precious! Her sweet smile melts my heart! We sing old mcdonald all the time...sometimes phillip adds deer and duck sounds too :) LOL

Lindsi Hanchey said...

I can't believe how big she's gotten! The grow so fast! She is precious and I can't wait to meet her. Hope you guys are well!