Sunday, August 2, 2009

another day to celebrate

Happy two month birthday, Anniston!  Have we really already been home for a month??  I wish I would have shared what you were up to at one month, but then again, you were pretty much just sleeping!  It’s unreal to think of how much you have grown and learned in such a short amount of time, and I know that over the next several years I will be repeating that same nostalgic but proud phrase often. 

Right now, you are somewhere around nine pounds according to our half-pound increment home scale guesstimation! 

 You are SUCH a good eater!  I think ravenous is the word I most often lovingly use when describing you at mealtime!  Your daddy likes to call you a little chunk, but I don’t know how I feel about that :).

You love to smile, and the length of time between those precious expressions is getting shorter and shorter by the day.  I love to see the sparkle in your eyes when that grin appears.  You smile the most when we read to you…especially the Bible!

You are beginning to really like tummy time, and your head just seems to raise higher everytime I lay you on your belly which is super exciting for me and your adoring dad! 

But sometimes, you are just too tired and prefer to use this opportunity to rest and gaze so sweetly at me.

Speaking of being have started sleeping about 7 to 8 hours at night, and lately when we lay you down for a nap, you whimper/talk for a few minutes and fall asleep!  It’s been so nice!  But, if you do begin to fuss louder, we cave in and give you your paci :).

You LOVE to sleep on the couch (with a loving eye on you of course and a pillow preventing you from rolling over on the day that you decide to start doing so!). 

You still pretty much hate the swing, much to your father’s dismay, ha.  Maybe the day will come soon when you take to it.

You could probably sit in a poopy diaper all day long, but you will not put up with a wet one. OH, and you LOVE when we put you on the changing table…it’s like you just know that relief is coming!

Lately, when we turn music on, you start to kick your legs and move your arms!  It’s too cute!

You are very "hands-ey" as we like to say.  You love to have your hands by your face when you sleep, you’re constantly raising your hands (to praise Jesus, of course!), and you’re always trying to suck your thumb (or your entire hand).

You are always gazing around the room in awe of something that I cannot see…I’m pretty certain it’s the angels who have been with you from the beginning...

You are such a joy, and your daddy and I love you so much!!


Deb said...

Her eyes are sooo pretty! I do believe that she may be seeing some angels...babies and children are very close to the Lord, or just close to heaven. How blessed she is to have you all to encourage that in her by reading God's word to her. Her spirit will soak that up even if her mind is not able right now. Thanks for your posts. It is fun watching Anniston grow and get prettier every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, Reading your last entry reminds me so much of what our Anniston is doing right now, from loving being on her tummy, to looking around at all her angel friends overhead, to smiling any time you talk to her. What fun! She is going to the doctor today for her first shots, which Beth Ann is not looking forward to the entire experience. Your little Anniston looks so healthy, hard to believe that she was so ill at first. God is good. Enjoy every minute, it will pass quickly. Peggy J, "Nana" to Anniston Claire Swallows in Tn. God continue to bless.

"GG"s Journal said...

All of these pictures and this blog is soooooooo precious to me! Anniston your GG and Grandpa love you so much and we are so thankful you are in our lives! I'm going to brag on your mom and dad for a moment. They are such adoring parents who love you so much. I've watched them care for you and love you in such a special way from the moment you were born. Also, God has had his hand on you since birth and one of the things he has blessed you with are Godly parents as your role models.

Your mom has read a wonderful book and the schedule (with flexibility)suggested in the book has helped not only you and your parents but me as well when I have babysat you. Grandpa and I know exactly what you need... food, diaper changed, sleep etc...which makes caring for you so easy. But then again you are a sweet little one to keep. I was out of town and didn't get to comment on the last three blog entries but I wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents and I'm so proud to be your "GG" and your mom's mom and dad's mother-in-law! :)

I love u 3!! :)