Monday, August 24, 2009

birthday wishes

This beautiful woman:

And this beautiful woman:

...both have birthdays this month!  The former, my mom, celebrated her fiftieth on the fifteenth, and the latter, my mom-in-law, celebrates her birthday tomorrow!  

About the surprise that wasn't:  Although my mom figured something fishy was taking place (the call concerning a fallen tree in her backyard precisely at 6:40pm on her birthday tipped her off just a bit), she was still shocked not only that her suspicions proved to be true but also that so many of her friends and family came to show her their love.

How precious was the cake??


Anniston says happy birthday GG and Janjan!!!  
Love you both!


"GG"s Journal said...

Oh, I LOVE my birthday greeting from Anniston!!! What a beautiful smile!! :)

Thanks too for all the work you did to help make my birthday so special...everything was wonderful! You, Stan and Anniston being here topped it off to make this the BEST birthday ever!

I love you,
mom "GG"

WoodardFamily said...

So fun! What a great surprise! Anniston's smile is so cute!

Hollyn Breen said...

Hey Lindsey,
I got your card in the mail. I'm so sorry I didn't call you. Send me your email address, please....mine is


Aurelia Joy said...

beautiful moms, beautiful cake, and beautiful baby!

Deb said...

Such wonderful shots....pretty baby girl, lovely grandmothers, ....not to mention adorable parents! Thanks for sharing!