Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i'm proud, i admit it

Anniston, you are THREE months old as of last week!!  You are growing so fast, and it amazes me everyday how quickly you little doodads learn.

You are about eleven pounds, so you are still gaining about an ounce a day!  You appear significantly bigger in pictures than you do in person, and it continues to amaze me that you can look like a completely different baby in every single photo that has ever been taken of you.  

We might have lost some sleep the first month of your life, but you sure are making up for it now since you have been snoozing ten to eleven hours every night!  Woohoo for no dream feed!

And speaking of sleeping, we have begun the process of weaning you from your swaddle.  You have graduated to having one arm completely out, and you are doing so well keeping it under control and not flailing it around everywhere while you sleep!  

All this sleep makes for a happy baby, and oh, if I could just sit and watch you smile every second of every day...  We've even heard a few little giggles emerge from your teeny frame, and it's the sweetest sound.

You LOVE  to suck your hands.  That tasty thumb has made its way into your mouth on more than one occasion, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this new infatuation...I usually just try to distract you or insert paci :).

During tummy time, you are so cute to me when you raise your head and look at the goofy person who happens to be cheering you on.  While on your stomach, you kick your legs and arch your back like you want to roll over soon.

Elaborate for days is what I would love to do, but I will be as concise as a proud mama can be and just leave our friends and family with a pic of that precious smile.

Love you sweet girl!  Happy three months and one week.


Carey said...

awwwwww, that girl is precious! and adorable!! I love all of those pics! from one proud mama to another...i understand wanting to elaborate ;)
we can't wait to see yall!!!

randi said...

Wow! I can't believe she's already three months old! Of course, I can't believe Frazier's almost two months...where has the time gone? You have every reason to be proud...she's such a sweet, lovely little lady. Aren't we blessed? Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

just love your pics!!! all the best with swaddle weaning - here's a great swaddle weaning tool, and she could suck on fabric! :)that's what we used!
All the best
Peke Moe - http://www.pekemoe.co.nz

Deb said...

Oh wow a giggle!!! She gets more and more adorable. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...


That picture on her tummy.... she looks so much like her Daddy!

I LOVE her bald head... or fuzz...

She is precious! And no dream feed! WOOHOO!!!!!


Lois Lane II said...

She is so precious! =)

Yeah, I started this a while back...it's my guilty pleasure, lol!! Girl, we're in Hattiesburg every Monday -- we should get together! I'd love to meet Anniston!

Lynne said...

Stan and Lindsey- How precious is that baby girl-need to get my hands on her again Love Aunt Lynne