Thursday, October 22, 2009

all in one day

In a matter of 24 hours, Anniston has managed to:
  • Eat rice cereal for the first time!!
  • Move to size two diapers - finally. 
  • Go up to a full dose of infant Tylenol when needed :).  ...rarely have to give it to her, but big deal to me either way.
  • Chew on her vibrating teether till it actually did what it was meant to do.  (She never would bite down quite as hard as she needed to for it to vibrate.)
  • Bust out of all of her smaller baby clothes and move to size 3-6 and 6 month clothes!  
She grew up right before my eyes.  All in one day.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for her 4 month check-up and shots, and Anniston's doctor said that in almost 30 years of being a pediatrician, Anniston was the second child he's ever seen that has had a stroke.  Can you believe that??  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Our pediatrician isn't just any pediatrician.  He's probably the most popular one in our town and in South Mississippi for that matter.  Everyone I know goes to him, and he is very highly acclaimed.  I guess it was just a matter of time, but everything from the last two weeks (and really the last several months) became very real to me in that moment.  These kinds of things happen to other people...not us.  Or, at least that's what I thought.  But, in a weird way, I'm kind of glad to travel this road because I get to tell you what God has done.  

Just a week and a day ago, we brought home a baby that seemed like a newborn.  She could not support her head at all, and I didn't even know if she could see me, but now she is almost entirely back to her normal self and doing all of these big girl things that you see above.  

We have a check-up Monday with Anniston's doctor in Jackson (praying still for a great report), and yesterday her pediatrician said he knows "those doctors are going to be very impressed with the progress she has made."  

All of the above said with a thankful heart...


I'll leave you with another video.  This is a clip of Anniston completing her first rice cereal experience.  I'm sure you can tell she was getting pretty tired and full, but I still think it's cute.  In my defense:  the clucking noises you hear are because Stan doesn't like for me to talk when he's videotaping know, since she talks enough for the both of us :). 


"GG"s Journal said...

Awe... SO sweet seeing her enjoy her food so much! She's such a big girl now!! Also, so many accomplishments to be VERY thankful for!!! I have tears of JOY! We give God all the PRAISE!! Dad and I know it's only God who could have brought her so far in such a short amount of time!

Prayers & Love to all of you!
mom & dad ("GG" and Grandpa)

Deb said...

Wow...what a difference a week can make!! I feel so thankful when I watch these videos! I am sure the docs in Jackson are going to be so impressed!

jessie said...

i'm so happy she's getting back to herself! olivia and anniston need a playdate next time y'all are in town!

Pam Scott said...

This video is evidence of what God has done so far in Anniston's life story. Each day of progress she makes is a reminder of God's enduring love for her and for you and your family. She is beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing Anniston with us.
Hugs to all of you!
Pam Scott

Kristin Stuart said...

Yea for Anniston! I know you are excited about all these milestones! Georgia Kate wasn't in size 2 diapers until she was 4 months old. I thought she would never get out of the smaller ones.We will continue to pray for Anniston and her progress. Hang in there!

Kristen T said...

So thankful to hear she is doing SO much better! She is so cute! Loved the video!

BlueEyedMum said...


JJ was in size 1 diaper until he was 6 months old and he wore size 2 diapers until he was almost 2 years old. No rushing, the little diapers are cheaper!

Blessings to your sweet family,