Monday, October 5, 2009

a request and a praise

We have a prayer request for Anniston. A few weeks ago, we took her for a check-up with her cardiologist in Jackson, and the doctor noticed that Anniston's aorta has narrowed a good bit since her surgery. This Thursday at 8am, she will have an outpatient procedure (not surgery) called a heart catheterization where a thin, long tube will be inserted into her upper leg (the femoral artery) and will travel all the way up to her heart so that a balloon can be dilated in her aorta to open up the portion of her aortic arch that has narrowed. The balloon will then be removed, and we are praying that the aorta will remain open and that there will be no further narrowing in the future!

Now, I have debated sharing this with you guys because I do not want any unnecessary worrying to take place. She really is doing great, and this request is not nearly as big of a hurdle as her surgery was, BUT do I want you to know what is going on because so many of you have been faithful to pray for Anniston with a fervency I never expected on her behalf (and on behalf of our entire family, for that matter). Thank you again for that. From the bottom of my heart...thank you.

There are once again so many things that we HAVE to give God the glory for in this situation. Anniston is eating beautifully! She has gained weight very well...don't get me wrong, she's still a pretty small girl, but her cardiologist was VERY pleased with her weight gain, especially considering the fact that her heart has had to pump harder with the narrowing which, according to her doctor, would cause her to burn more calories. God is good!! She smiles all the time and plays and kicks much harder than you would expect. And, from the beginning, her doctors have ALWAYS said that she "clinically looks great." We have a healthy girl!

Thank you for praying for a successful procedure and for continued peace (and no worry!) for me and Stan.

*Also, my mom's having an outpatient procedure on her shoulder tomorrow, and I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers as well :).


Shane and Ashley Bray said...

We will be in prayer for both Anniston and your mom. Children (esp babies are amazing little fighters) are not always aware of the difficulties their little bodies go through, but as parents we are acutely aware of them and would do anything in the world to take that away. Just remember from before she was born God has had His hands on her heart and knows what she needs. She is a very special baby to have parents that love her so much and continue to hold God in their hearts. God knows everything before we do and that is what gives us comfort during difficult times.
Can't wait to read the good reports on both of them.

Frazier's Family said...

We'll definitely be praying! Thanks for letting us know. :) Also- the cupcake shirt is adorable!

Deb said...

Yes, of course, Lindsey! I am so thankful they have the technology to know what needs to be done to ensure she continues being so healthy!
What a pretty little lady all decked out in cupcakes!

Carey said...

For some reason, I thought the procedure was Monday, so needless to say I got a jump start on praying for Anniston! :) We will continue to lift her up! Love you guys and especially that precious bundle (even though she pooped on me...HA)

Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for that sweet girl! And you guys and the doctors! And your mom!

Thank You God for this sweet baby and this special family!

Anniston is BEAUTIFUL!

Love, Christi

Pam Scott said...

Prayers this morning for Anniston! God bless her! She looks so sweet and innocent in her pictures.

jewels said...

I'll be praying for Mrs. Judy and Anniston! And for you and Stan that you will feel God's peace and not worry because we know He is holding Anniston. I myself am a worrier, so I understand that side of it all too well..=) We need to plan a time to see each other over the holidays! I can't wait to meet that little girl!! We will be around a few days for Thanksgiving and about 4 days for Christmas. If you get a chance to think about it, let me know what might work for ya'll.

jewels said...

While I was writing your mom posted that everything went well!! God is good!!