Thursday, November 12, 2009

growth spurt revisited

Anniston started wearing shoes this week!

Yes, they're newborn, and no, her toes do not go to the end.  But, if I sinch them real tight, as you can see, they'll stay on :).

**I forgot to mention her weight and length before...she's 13 pounds and almost 24 inches!  Little but healthy girl!


WoodardFamily said...

Such cute shoes :) And I love those cheeks! I miss Eleanor's big cheeks!

"GG"s Journal said...

Yay! She's in shoes now! I LOVE the shoes too! So stylish... just like her mommy. :) give her a kiss for me.. can't wait to see all of you!

Love You!
mom "GG"

Shane and Ashley Bray said...

Those shoes are adorable!! I'm so happy to see she is doing so well.

Kristen T said...

Yay! Cute shoes! I agree with your Mom, she's going to be as cute as you! love ya!

jessie said...

i went to buy shoes yesterday and the children's shoppe didn't have any to fit her. i've searched high and low and just can't find any! we sat in the floor with 2 sales girls there and still no luck. tried on every brand they carry! so, if you know someone who had a child with the skinniest feet you've ever seen, please introduce me to them. i'd love to know what they did!

Deb said...

ahhh miss sweet feet those shoes! She is a doll. So happy she is doing well.

Anonymous said...

My computer has been broken so i have been away!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!
She is SO precious! Bless her heart! HA!