Wednesday, December 30, 2009

reindeer facts

So, Anniston had her second RSV shot today...not as cheerful of an event as her first one, but not bad all the same.  Because she has still been gaining weight pretty well, she moved up to a larger dosage that included TWO shots instead of one.  Double the joy.  One aspect of these precautionary trips to the doctor's office that I do enjoy (and might have already revealed) is that I get to see how much Anniston weighs.  Much more effective than the holding-her-on-the-home-scale-thing, by the way.

Drumroll....she weighs 14lb 13oz!!  She has gained over a pound in less than a month!  Confirmations are nice, and this was ours.  God knew we needed to be reminded that her heart is well, that He has healed her entire body, and that she is growing like a weed (for her)!  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you.

I do hope Christmas was (and everyday from now on is) filled with relaxation, cozy family time, and reflection on our gracious Savior.


Christmas pictures will be posted soon, but for now:

I'm pretty sure Santa forgot one of his reindeer!

I think we'll keep her :).


"GG"s Journal said...

I have this picture on my computer desktop and look at her everyday... I'm remembering how she loved being outside that day too! She is such a JOY!!! So bright eyed and pretty! JanJan did good getting this cute little outfit for her! It's just adorable! Anniston is just a little doll! Praise the Lord for her growth and weight gain! GG does not like to see her own scales go up in weight but so happy for Anniston! :) I'm a little scared to get on my scales after the holidays... way too much good food the last few weeks! I think I'll walk a week or so on the treadmill and then get on the scales! haha!! Have a good week!

mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet reindeer!!!

Oh RSV shots.... tough. I remember going up to the two shots. Bless her....

I hope your New Year is WONDERFUL!

Hope to see lots more of you guys!


The McCormick Family said...

cutest reindeer i've ever seen:) im so happy to hear she is growing like a weed!

randi said...

I'm so glad she's doing well. I'd been so worried we might've passed on our sick germs when we saw you guys and had been praying she didn't get all this yuckiness. I'm so glad God heard that prayer! I suppose he knew she didn't need this gunk to deal with and protected her. Had I known Illness was on our horizon we'd have quarantined ourselves Christmas Eve for sure! We're still battling coughing and snot but we're definitely on the mend! We really did enjoy seeing ya'll so much, though!! Thanks for the visit- Anniston's even more lovely in person!

Carey said...

I'd definitely keep that one too! So glad to hear more good reports on this precious girl! Can't wait to see yall are a lil closer & we can definitely do some play dates this spring :)
Happy New Year!