Monday, December 7, 2009

snow day

So, when we moved to South Mississippi, we were told that it snows once every, say, fifteen years, but Stan and I have lived in this place not terribly far from the coast for nearly three years now, and it has snowed every winter we've been here!  We're not complaining, though, because we both LOVE snow!  Stan the weatherman (will have to have a well-deserved post of its own to explain the weatherman thing) knew the snow was coming for several days, so he was standing with his nose to the window waiting for the sky to fall out, and FALL OUT it did!

Can you tell how huge the flakes were?!  Up to quarter and half dollar size!  We spent most of Friday night playing in the snow and wanted to wake Anniston so she could see it, but we knew this early December gift would be appreciated much more by a well-rested baby :).

Sooo, we waited until the next morning when she woke up, and I think she loved her first snowy weather experience!
Another bad-mom moment.  I laid out some socks (didn't have mittens) to put on her hands, and in the midst of all the layering and excitement, I forgot them!  She didn't seem to mind since we were only out for a few minutes :).

Nose turning pink signaled it's time to go back inside! 


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Ah, the days when snow was a delight instead of a burden...I miss those:)

Carey said...

yay!!!! i'm so jealous....we only got a few flurries despite the fact that i was totally prepared (boots, mittens, hat:)
i can only imagine how exstatic Stan must have been!!!

"GG"s Journal said...

Beautiful pics!!! You looked like you were having a blast! Anniston also looked adorable in her little hat and coat! I bet she didn't know what to think of that cold air but probably loved it as much as her mommy and daddy! :)

mom "GG"

randi said...

Aww...she looks so cute all bundled up! I, too, am jealous- wish we had some snow!!!

Kristen T said...

So glad ya'll got to enjoy the snow! I love Anniston's hat!

Anonymous said...

You look SO cute in your PJ's playing outside! Then Anniston! Well, we all know she looks precious no matter what she is doing!

The snow was so fun, wasn't it?!


As soon as we get to Christmas holidays, i am going to try and play catch-up on my blog! Keep checking! ; )

WoodardFamily said...

So precious! Hope yall had a very Merry Christmas!!