Tuesday, January 26, 2010

weekend recap

Last weekend, our little fam packed up and headed to Louisiana for a playdate with some of Stan's cousins!  I've been anticipating getting together with these girls for a while, and the day did not disappoint!  

The only let-down of our rendezvous was that I, as I often do, forgot to pull out the camera until the very end :(, so of course, I do not have pictures of everyone.  *Slap on the hand.*  I even was able to meet my own cousin's little adorable baby, Dylan, and being so caught up in the moment of holding that sweet, tiny boy, I neglected to get a shot of him as well.  Sad times...

Well, here are a few of the few that I do have!  

This is Stan's precious second cousin, Elizabeth, and her oldest daughter, Eleanor.

Here's a close-up of beautiful Eleanor.  I just can't get over those curls.  And, those eyes.  Not to mention the lips and dimples.  Basically, I could eat her up, too...

Eleanor's, also beautiful, little sister Amelia is on the left, and we were able to meet her for the first time that day!!  Once again, could eat up the gorgeous blue eyes and dainty lips!  Amelia is the sweetest thing...she just smiles and smiles ALL the time. Wish I had a close-up of her!  We haven't had many playdates with Anniston, so I'm just now experiencing first-hand how nearly impossible it is to get a picture of more than one baby/toddler looking at the camera.  Much less facing it!  

Case in point.  How sweet is Amelia smiling at her toy?

This is Caroline (sister of Elizabeth and Baby Lynne), and Stan's grandmother, Glenda.  Elizabeth's husband, Scott, was there as well as her mother, Lynne, but I don't have pics!  I need to stop bringing that up.  Anyway, fun times were had by all!!  

Also, yesterday, we took Anniston to see her Cardiologist, and her heart looked PERFECT!!  Her Aorta is just as wide as it was the day it was ballooned, and the doctor and nurses were extremely pleased!  The best part about our visit is that they don't want to see us for a whole SIX months!!  Woohoo!!  

(And, just a note to myself, Anniston is almost 8 months, and she weighs nearly 16 lbs!)


Carey said...

Those girls are precious! All of them Anniston included. She has obviously grown and is sitting up so well!
Love & miss yall!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That is awesome! Henry is somewhere between 18 and 19 pounds, I think so Anniston is doing awesome!

Lynne said...

What a fun fun time we had and we look forward to our next visit really really soon.Anniston is so precious! Love you all Aunt Lynne

The McCormick Family said...

That is so fantastic about Anniston's aorta!!! That news made my day.

The sewing machine is out of the box and I've started reading the manual...I'll keep you posted!

"GG"s Journal said...

What beautiful girls!!! It is so much fun to have cousins to play with! I'm sure they will have many years of making special memories, having loads of fun and laughter and stories to tell as they play and grow-up together just as you and your sweet cousins did...and I'm sure you will get many pics as well! lol :)I have boxes full!

Also, PRAISE THE LORD for the good report on Anniston's heart! God is so FAITHFUL and POWERFUL as He performs ALL that His Word proclaims! We stand on HIS promises and REJOICE in ALL HE has done in her life!

love you!
mom "GG"

The McCormick Family said...

I love following your fun life too:)

WoodardFamily said...

We had SOO much fun! Just think how much fun these girls will have as teenagers together! I love that they are so close in age. I agree on the picture thing- I was so mad at myself that I didn't have more! Thanks to you, I have some of all of the girls. xoxo Hope yall have a great weekend!