Friday, March 26, 2010

yet again...

...I'm rambling.  Why?  Because I am unable to make one, fluid thought today.

So, I FINALLY updated my sidebar with some more of my favorite blogs.  Seriously, it has been MONTHS.  I feel like there is probably a dear friend that I have neglected to add...if so, let me know!  They're in order from most recently posted, so if you're on the bottom of the list, that does not mean that you're on the bottom of my list.  (hoot hoot, I miss you :))  

Am I the only one who has been SUPER busy lately??  I feel like I have been doing so much, but when I stop and think about it, I cannot tell you what I have been up to.  Weird.

It really bothers me that I just ended a sentence with a preposition.  

I told a friend FOREVER ago that I was going to do a post of my favorite baby items, and I haven't yet...sorry, friend.  I will eventually have time to actually think out a post, but for now, I will say that my MOST favorite buy EVER are the Pampers Sensitive Wipes.  Wow.  The first month we were home, and even when we were in the hospital, we used the harsh, regular wipes and always used diaper rash cream.  I just thought "she's a baby and babies all use the cream, so we are going to as well."  Since switching to the sensitive wipes, we have maybe used the cream EIGHT months.  Miracle!

Does anyone ELSE follow the Pioneer Woman's blog???!!!  I have been keeping up with her for at least two years now, and it is AMAZING how far she has come!  So, if you know who I am talking about, you know that she is not some boring ole woman sitting in her cabin poking at a fire while preparing a pig for supper that she killed with her own two hands.  I know that this is the image most have in their head if they have never read about her, so I'm here to tell you that she is NOT at all like that, and she is AWESOME!!  Seriously, before getting married, I rarely cooked, but she has helped me out SO much!  Now, it's rare that we eat outside of the home.  (My favorties are her brisket, rolls, chocolate pie, orange muffins, lasagna, bacon-wrapped jalapeno thingies...I could go on.)  Her cookbook is wonderful too.  And, I just really think she is hilarious and has some great tips on her site, but probably the thing I love most about her is that she is super humble.  ANYWAY, I am not getting to the point!  Did you hear that she was contacted to make her love story into a MOVIE???  Possibly starring REESE WITHERSPOON??!!!  I am SO excited!!  Can you tell??

Anniston has been rolling, rolling, rolling lately!  So much fun.  We've had a lot of therapy recently, therefore, a lot of encouragement.  Sometimes I focus so much on what she is not doing that I miss out on all that she IS doing.  I am really trying to work on this because I know that I should be giving God ALL of the glory He alone deserves!  I have been seeing her right hand open TONS more lately!  It has been so much more relaxed, and she has even been making more of an effort to reach for things.  I would appreciate it if you guys would pray that she would continue to recognize that side more and more.  We're still working on strengthening the right side of her torso, but it truly is amazing how much stronger it has already become!  I see so much motivation in her eyes.  I know the Lord has placed that determination and strength in her, and for that, I am grateful!

She has been shaking her head "no" ALL the time!  It makes me want to laugh so hard because I know she doesn't know what she is doing (I don't think), but I realize that I probably do not need to overly encourage that motion!

Here she is sleeping with her daddy.  Part of me wants to stomp my feet and protest that I am NOT a very sentimental person, but my posts are not matching up these days!  Really though, one might think that I shed a tear watching Hallmark commercials (like my you, mom), but I can assure you that I RARELY cry.  I am almost as bad as Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.  Almost.  

The End.  I think.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

former peanut

I know every parent says this, but I just cannot believe how big this little blue-eyed girl is getting...

Anniston is nearly 10 months old, and I just came across this (rather blurry) picture of her when she was almost one month.  We were just a day or two away from leaving the hospital in PA, and she had acquired the most appropriate nickname, "peanut", by the staffers.  She was so tiny with the skinniest little chicken-legs, as you can see :).  

Funny now to think that I was ever concerned about that little peanut's weight.  Crazy how much difference just a few months can make!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

not frutista. frittata.

So, as I was driving down the road the other day, I heard a woman on the radio speaking of these heavenly "mini" breakfast frittatas she had made, and immediately I began to drool and was consumed with only one thought:  "must. make. those."  She spoke of how she made extras to freeze for breakfasts throughout the week, and I knew it right then and there...I was committed to this recipe.  

Stan woke up before me the following morning and proceeded to make breakfast for me.  Sweet, sweet man :).  Only, I had my heart (and tastebuds) set on one particular meal...  

So, the next morning, I beat him into the kitchen and basically threw a little bit of everything from the fridge into these things, and they were, as I had expected, heavenly.  So, I thought I'd share :).  

**They were wonderful, but if you hear only one suggestion, hear this:  "GREASE the pan WELL."  

Stan kept calling them frutistas (like the drink from Taco Bell) instead of frittatas.  Hence the post title.  And yes, somehow, that is the correct spelling for frutista...

Okay, here's the recipe:  

Individual Breakfast Frittatas

(Makes 6 in a standard-sized muffin pan, so you may want to double if making for more than a few people.)

4 eggs
1 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp sour cream
1/3 cup cheddar ( I used sharp because that's what I had.)
1/4 cup parmesan, grated
1/3 cup bacon*
1/2 of a green bell pepper
1 Tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste
ground red pepper (only if you're like me and like a little heat)

*I used the packaged picnic bacon from the salad's the real stuff, and it's what I had...don't hate.  I like.  Frying bacon in the skillet would of course be great.

GREASE muffin pan WELL, and preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Dice bell pepper and saute in butter until soft.  In a separate bowl, beat eggs, milk, and sour cream with fork.  Add cheeses, bacon and green bell pepper to egg mixture.  Pour combined ingredients into muffin pan, filling each 3/4 full (*Remember:  it only makes six).  Bake approximately 30 minutes.  Allow to cool several minutes before removing.  Remove from pan carefully :).

Very flexible recipe, by the way...feel free to make substitutions for the cheeses, bacon and bell pepper to give it your own twist.  The lady on the radio put asparagus in hers.  Yum.

I could also see these being made in a mini muffin pan for a shower/brunch...  


Oh, and we didn't have any left to freeze...

Monday, March 15, 2010

getting stronger!

This little girl...

Rolled from her back to her stomach Saturday!!  

Needless to say, we're very proud :).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, I've been bitten by the creative bug again lately, and right now, it's in the overwhelming and intimidating (for me) arena called sewing.  This is a big step for me to even mention wanting to sew more because now I automatically have more accountability, and you will expect me to show you something I've made, right?  I thought so...

On the Anniston front, she is doing just awesome.  We had her 9 month check-up the other day, and it was unbelievably freeing to not have anything pressing to discuss.  She is gaining weight well, she should be able to get off of her calcium soon, and she hasn't had any recurring seizures.  Also, something VERY exciting just happened concerning her motor development!  She actually rolled over from her stomach to her back the other day completely on her own!!!  There were times in the past where she rolled, but I realize now that I was putting her in a position to help her get over her right arm.  Now that her arm is SOO much stronger, she is able to extend it fully and roll on her own!  She is also SOO close to sitting completely on her own and rolling from her back to her stomach.  It's amazing how much the strength of that arm matters.

She was evaluated by First Steps a couple of weeks ago in order to begin Early Intervention.  If you've never heard of Early Intervention, it's a wonderful program that assists children with developmental delays (for varying reasons), and they basically come into the home and give you teaching tools and possibly referrals for different therapies to assist your child.  I have been extremely encouraged by them.  After the evaluation, they told me that Anniston is cognitively very bright (which I knew all along!) and that she would be where she should be developmentally if it were not for the stroke affecting her right arm/side...and the heart surgery set her back a little bit too.   We're also working on her speech, but no worries there!  This is a strong, determined little girl, and I have no doubt that these milestones will be met and exceeded soon!

Oh, and she's been eating her puffs like CRAZY lately!  So fun!

To be honest, there were so many times when I found it hard to imagine us being beyond the point we were at in her development, but God is teaching me not to sweat the small stuff.  He's opened my eyes to the fact that I have wasted so many precious moments worrying about her strength when I could have been spending my time soaking her up more or doing something else for His glory.  

Back on the creative front:  I'm super excited about Anniston's birthday...maybe I'll give you some glimpses of what I have so far soon :).

Since she is taking a nap, I really should be doing laundry, ironing, and getting some things together for dinner.  Have I ever mentioned that I so very much dislike ironing?  I'm a perfectionist at heart, so it takes me FOREVER.  

And, speaking of dinner, I'm trying out a new recipe for lemon chicken and fruit pilaf.  Hopefully the pilaf isn't too girly for Stan.  I think I'm going to serve it with sauteed zucchini and squash...our favorite.  We'll see how the meal turns out.  Maybe I'll share the recipes...

One more thing:  I've been meaning to mention that my mom has a wonderful, new devotion blog that she just started, and I really think you should check it out!  

Well, I think those are all of the random thoughts on my mind.  Hopefully now I can get some things accomplished :). 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

just a little frosting

Throughout my 25+ years, whether things were going well or I was at a point of seemingly no relief, God has always brought me to a place beyond anticipation.  And, when it comes to my expectations being exceeded, the family I married into is NO exception.  They are definitely the “icing on the cake” that I didn’t even know to ask for:  because I couldn’t have.  My parents/brother/extended family are just amazing, and to now have another handful of people who love me nearly as much is, for lack of a better word, unreal.

I remember when Stan and I began dating, and someone would ask me who I was seeing, this is how the conversation ALWAYS went: 

Other person:  “Who are you dating?”

Me:  I would say his name. 

Other person:  “Oh!  He’s related to so and so, right?" 

Me:  "Yes!" 

Other person:  “They are SUCH a neat family!”

*And, that’s how it went.  Always.  And, I'm here to say firsthand:  they were right.*

 To Stan's family:  Thank you for molding my husband into the loving, godly partner/father he is today, and thank you for welcoming me as your own.  I love you :).

Here is Anniston with her Janjan and Pops during their most recent visit:  

*Note:  Aunt Meg and Uncle Bryan were here visiting as well, but since the little Auntie was sick, she wasn't near Anniston, and therefore:  no pics :(.  But, I love her and her hubs much.

Speaking of this little girl, she is now 9 months old and almost 16.5 lbs!   And, speaking of icing on the cake... I have no words...

Monday, March 1, 2010


Like father, like daughter, yet again:

Taking bed-head to a whole new level.  

Love these two.