Thursday, March 18, 2010

not frutista. frittata.

So, as I was driving down the road the other day, I heard a woman on the radio speaking of these heavenly "mini" breakfast frittatas she had made, and immediately I began to drool and was consumed with only one thought:  "must. make. those."  She spoke of how she made extras to freeze for breakfasts throughout the week, and I knew it right then and there...I was committed to this recipe.  

Stan woke up before me the following morning and proceeded to make breakfast for me.  Sweet, sweet man :).  Only, I had my heart (and tastebuds) set on one particular meal...  

So, the next morning, I beat him into the kitchen and basically threw a little bit of everything from the fridge into these things, and they were, as I had expected, heavenly.  So, I thought I'd share :).  

**They were wonderful, but if you hear only one suggestion, hear this:  "GREASE the pan WELL."  

Stan kept calling them frutistas (like the drink from Taco Bell) instead of frittatas.  Hence the post title.  And yes, somehow, that is the correct spelling for frutista...

Okay, here's the recipe:  

Individual Breakfast Frittatas

(Makes 6 in a standard-sized muffin pan, so you may want to double if making for more than a few people.)

4 eggs
1 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp sour cream
1/3 cup cheddar ( I used sharp because that's what I had.)
1/4 cup parmesan, grated
1/3 cup bacon*
1/2 of a green bell pepper
1 Tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste
ground red pepper (only if you're like me and like a little heat)

*I used the packaged picnic bacon from the salad's the real stuff, and it's what I had...don't hate.  I like.  Frying bacon in the skillet would of course be great.

GREASE muffin pan WELL, and preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Dice bell pepper and saute in butter until soft.  In a separate bowl, beat eggs, milk, and sour cream with fork.  Add cheeses, bacon and green bell pepper to egg mixture.  Pour combined ingredients into muffin pan, filling each 3/4 full (*Remember:  it only makes six).  Bake approximately 30 minutes.  Allow to cool several minutes before removing.  Remove from pan carefully :).

Very flexible recipe, by the way...feel free to make substitutions for the cheeses, bacon and bell pepper to give it your own twist.  The lady on the radio put asparagus in hers.  Yum.

I could also see these being made in a mini muffin pan for a shower/brunch...  


Oh, and we didn't have any left to freeze...


Carey said...

I always knew we had good taste in food :) and look at you cooking!
I make frittatas for us all the time, but I've never thought to do it in a muffin pan...Genius!!!
Will definitely be doing this! Miss E loves eggs so I'm sure I've got another hit with her on my hands here! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe Lindsey!! They look GREAT!! I can't wait to try them. :)


Sarah Wyland said...

Ooo.. They look good! I wish I had a kitchen in my dorm room instead of the community kitchen - then I could try some of these awesome recipes.

Lois Lane II said...

YUM!!! These look scrumptous!

Lindsey Walpole said...

They look delish. Cant wait to make them! :) Thanks Lindz

Brittany Napper said...

Thank you! She is just as sweet as she is pretty! Anniston is a doll as well. What a little blessing and miracle! We took a class or two together at Tech. I don't know if you remember that or not. It has been a while. lol. Our girls are only a day apart. I remember driving to the hospital to have Emory and reading Meg's post on Facebook about Anniston and crying. I remembered her and prayed for her all day while I was in labor and when I had Emory. What an amazing story! Meg works with my husband now and I see her every so often when I take the baby up to the office for a visit. It was so nice to find your blog and keep up with you guys!

Allenia Marie said...

Thanks for the share... I am always looking for new recipes. Judah is now interested in helping me cook. Since we are homeschooling I have let him get really involved with hands on the in the kitchen. Will give this one a go.

Would love to catch up sometime....let me know. Love you

Anonymous said...

Tried the Fritatas on my husband tonight for our "breakfast" dinner. He liked them a lot. Think next time I will try it with sausage and mushrooms. YUM! Thanks for the tip.
Love the pictures of Anniston. Our Anniston says NANA all the time. I drilled it into her one day while I was babysitting. She is such fun. Peggy Johnson