Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, I've been bitten by the creative bug again lately, and right now, it's in the overwhelming and intimidating (for me) arena called sewing.  This is a big step for me to even mention wanting to sew more because now I automatically have more accountability, and you will expect me to show you something I've made, right?  I thought so...

On the Anniston front, she is doing just awesome.  We had her 9 month check-up the other day, and it was unbelievably freeing to not have anything pressing to discuss.  She is gaining weight well, she should be able to get off of her calcium soon, and she hasn't had any recurring seizures.  Also, something VERY exciting just happened concerning her motor development!  She actually rolled over from her stomach to her back the other day completely on her own!!!  There were times in the past where she rolled, but I realize now that I was putting her in a position to help her get over her right arm.  Now that her arm is SOO much stronger, she is able to extend it fully and roll on her own!  She is also SOO close to sitting completely on her own and rolling from her back to her stomach.  It's amazing how much the strength of that arm matters.

She was evaluated by First Steps a couple of weeks ago in order to begin Early Intervention.  If you've never heard of Early Intervention, it's a wonderful program that assists children with developmental delays (for varying reasons), and they basically come into the home and give you teaching tools and possibly referrals for different therapies to assist your child.  I have been extremely encouraged by them.  After the evaluation, they told me that Anniston is cognitively very bright (which I knew all along!) and that she would be where she should be developmentally if it were not for the stroke affecting her right arm/side...and the heart surgery set her back a little bit too.   We're also working on her speech, but no worries there!  This is a strong, determined little girl, and I have no doubt that these milestones will be met and exceeded soon!

Oh, and she's been eating her puffs like CRAZY lately!  So fun!

To be honest, there were so many times when I found it hard to imagine us being beyond the point we were at in her development, but God is teaching me not to sweat the small stuff.  He's opened my eyes to the fact that I have wasted so many precious moments worrying about her strength when I could have been spending my time soaking her up more or doing something else for His glory.  

Back on the creative front:  I'm super excited about Anniston's birthday...maybe I'll give you some glimpses of what I have so far soon :).

Since she is taking a nap, I really should be doing laundry, ironing, and getting some things together for dinner.  Have I ever mentioned that I so very much dislike ironing?  I'm a perfectionist at heart, so it takes me FOREVER.  

And, speaking of dinner, I'm trying out a new recipe for lemon chicken and fruit pilaf.  Hopefully the pilaf isn't too girly for Stan.  I think I'm going to serve it with sauteed zucchini and squash...our favorite.  We'll see how the meal turns out.  Maybe I'll share the recipes...

One more thing:  I've been meaning to mention that my mom has a wonderful, new devotion blog that she just started, and I really think you should check it out!  

Well, I think those are all of the random thoughts on my mind.  Hopefully now I can get some things accomplished :). 


Carey said...

So glad to hear that yall are doing good and that precious girl is reaching those milestones. Just remember how resilient babies are! She'll be up and going before you know it!!
Let me know how the sewing goes...I'm kinda catching that bug myself. I might be plotting to steal my mom's sewing machine to see what I remember from home ec :)

Kristen T said...

That's awesome to hear about Anniston! And, yes, you must share your creations! I have had a new sewing machine in the closet for 3 years and have never even opened the box. I think about what I could make with it all the time though!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely little rambling post you have here!

Happy things to report and I love that!

What can i say about Early Intervention? Uhhhh, i can say a LOT! I would have to write for a day! Campbell began EI at 9 months and stayed until he was 4. God put them in our path and they ROCKED!!!! So wonderful!

I am so happy that you guys are rocking along!

Happy Week!


misti said...

How fun! I'm learning to sew right now! And yes...you will most definitely have to post pictures :)

jessie said...

so what are you sewing?!?! yea for anniston rolling over! don't rush the crawling - they are much easier to contain when they aren't mobile!


Anonymous said...

Like mother... like daughter, I hate IRONING too!!! SO sorry I passed that gene down to you. lol

I love reading ALL the great reports about Anniston! She is doing so wonderful and the joy she brings to us is just as grand!!! Your dinner sounded great too! You'll have to share those recipes when you get a chance.

I love you!

mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet note about my blog too! You are so thoughtful! :)

Much Love,

Lindsey Walpole said...

Hey! Since I am new to the blogging world...I was wondering how you got such precious layouts?

The McCormick Family said...

haha...you should read my most recent post. i have also been bitten by the creativity bug:) i actually bought a pattern to make a sundress, for myself, the other day. i must been insane. ive also been really into painting...i cant wait to see pics of what you make!

Ashley Bray said...

I am so glad Anniston is doing great. And for the sewing you will have to give tutorials on it b/c I started being more crafty but have not started the sewing bug yet.
God is definitely great!

Nicole said...

yay for rolling over! its nice to see a big outcome from all the work and therapy! dont worry because she is so close to hitting a bunch of milestones! dont forget that it takes a bunch of small accomplishments to achieve some of those big ones, so you have a lot to be happy about and a lot to look forward to!

Lydia & GT said...

I worked for CPS before staying at home. Many of my kiddos had delays for various reasons...Once ECI started working with them, they progressed so fast, they caught up with the rest of the kids their age and even passed some of them up! Still praying for you guys! Glad she is doing sooo good!