Sunday, April 25, 2010

life through my phone...

The good ole computer is remarkably s.l.o.w. right now (hence, uploading pictures tends to be a bit of a pain), so I am going to have to resort to sharing our lives as of late through a random assortment of images from my cell phone, most of Anniston of course.  

Went to the pool the other day and took a swing afterward.  She refuses to look up and will only smile and gaze at her feet and grass through the leg holes.  The wind in her face also makes her smile and bat her eyes :).

LOVES storytime.


In her pretty pj's from Stan's Aunt Pat.  She makes Anniston the cutest things!!

Trying to eat the grass, but she mainly likes to thread it through her fingers :).

BIG smile!  Too funny...she used to play with her toys on her carseat, but lately, she has ONLY wanted to hold on to this little pink bug.  She will NOT let go as long as she is in her seat.  I look back in the mirror, and all I see is this cute, pudgy hand holding onto those little bug legs for dear life.

Sooo blurry, but this is Tony Dungy speaking at a banquet Stan and I went to at our church.  It was great!  And, this was the very first night that Anniston had a REAL babysitter besides family!  THANK YOU, Chloe!!

Sitting so well and using her right arm to balance!

Elvis lips.

Kenny Chesney look-alike.  (didn't buy hat...just tried it on in store:))

Purse Stan gave me for my birthday...I LOVE it!  It's really pink and not orange, as the picture might suggest.

Cake my parents brought me along with a Johnny's Pizza!!  If you have never heard of or had Johnny's, I won't even try to explain because I can't.  

GG with Anniston!

Tired girl didn't get a very good nap this afternoon :(.  


Aurelia Joy said...

The pictures are so cute! I couldn't see the whole thing, but is that a bathing suit in the first picture? It looks similar to the one I bought my niece for her first birthday! Also, I am starving right now and Johnny's sounds so good right now! It's on the top of my list of places to take my friend who is coming with me to Louisiana in a few weeks. She's never been to LA and she has to have crawfish, and humphries, and Johnny's!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Loving your new purse and those pj's are sooo cute! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Cute pictures! She is becoming more beautiful every day!

Kristen T said...

Love the pictures! She is so cute with her rolls on her arms!! That cookie cake looked really good! and I'm glad you got some Johnny's!! I think I could eat it every other day!!

misti said...

the elvis lips are too much! what a doll.

ooh, birthday johnny's! those are good parents!

Natalie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Is that an Albritton's cookie cake from WM as well? Those are my favorite! Anniston is getting so big...she is just precious!

Pam Scott said...

Thanks so much for sharing Anniston with us through your blog. I love the cute pictures, and I'm always encouraged and my faith is strengthen through reading your blog. You have a wonderful family! May God continue to bless you as you have blessed so many others with Anniston's story.
Love y'all!

WoodardFamily said...

Happy Birthday!! Anniston is just so adorable. I love those rolly polly arms- i could just eat them! And it is soo cute that she just holds on to the toy for dear life- I remember Eleanor doing the same with one of her carseat toys :) Love and miss yall!

House Queen said...

Very cute pics!!!