Monday, May 3, 2010

eleven months!

As of yesterday!

Sad day...I don't have a picture uploaded yet for Anniston's eleven month post, not that I have been faithful with these monthly posts anyway, but I do want to remember all of the fun things that she is doing right now as well as the encouraging progress that she is making, so here goes!  ...I will try to put some pictures up tomorrow.

(I'm in a hurry since she is napping and we desperately need to go to the grocery store when she wakes up, so forgive my grammatical errors and hurried sentences!)

Anniston is such a little flirt these days!  She will smile and turn her head sideways in a bashful sort of way.  This makes sitting up slightly difficult again since her tilted head causes her to dive into the living room rug :).

She LOVES her daddy!  I always knew she would, but this affection has just escalated lately.  As soon as he gets home from work, she will look up for him and LIGHT UP when she sees him!

Speaking of her anticipating things, I have noticed recently that when we are coming back home after an outing, she gets excited and kicks her legs as we are entering the neighborhood.  I guess she can tell the trees are different and knows she's almost home?  Then, when we get out of the car, she smiles SO big as we walk into the house.  She is a home-body...what can I say?!

She is sitting up very well (except for the whole flirty-head action...oh, and looking at the fan is somewhat of an interruption at times), and she wants to scoot and crawl SO bad!  She can move in a circle on her stomach, and we are still working on her recognizing her right arm in order to crawl.  It wears me out sometimes and can get me down, but I know that she has come SO far already, and with all she has been through, she is doing absolutely WONDERFUL!  

Actually, speaking of her right side, she has rolled very well for the last couple of months, but she just would never roll from right to left on her back since we have struggled with favoring the left arm and hand.  Well, to be honest...this is bad, but I sincerely thought she would walk before she could ever roll that way.  It just seemed impossible, but she started doing it about a week ago, and she is rolling in that direction almost as much as from left to right!  My heart just wells up with thankfulness thinking about it.  God is SO good, and even though I (Stan's so strong) struggle with patience sometimes, He is constantly proving that His strength is at work in her!

Her legs are SO strong as well!  Anniston's therapist was just here and can never stop talking (along with the other therapists) about how strong her legs are!  Praise the Lord!

We have a favorite book...Winnie the Pooh's slide and learn story book.  She has even been getting upset when I take it away from her!  We tried reading another book the other day, but she just kept reaching for this one.  I am having to hide it now if I want her to do something else!  ha

Shopping is SO much fun to her!  Gets that from her mommy :).  She kicks and gets so excited whenever we go to the store.  

But, I think bath time is probably her favorite activity.  Whenever we walk down the hall toward the bathtub at night, she perks up and cannot stop moving until we put her in that water.  She LOVES to splash and play with her toys.  OH, and we can barely wipe her down because all she wants to do is grab the washcloth and suck on it till kingdom come.  There is no telling how much water intake we have at bath time.

She loves my jewelry and broke the chain on my necklace the other day :).  

Her favorite table foods are carbs (still working on her liking the texture of veggies and fruits in her hands).  She will eat virtually ANY baby food (green beans, apple/blueberry, banana/berries, carrots, squash, peas, and peaches are some of her favorites), and the table foods she likes are her puffs, yogurt melts, blueberry pancakes, apples, cut up chicken sticks, those cheese or veggie puff sticks, pears...

She kicks so hard in her bed when she wakes up that it sounds like the neighbors are playing basketball.

She is doing better holding and drinking from her sippy cup.  

She has been giving "sugar" some.

We have been hearing some new noises and are still praying for her speech.  She loves to mimic us rolling our tongues, and she will talk to us in the sweetest "love talk".  We have also been hearing a much higher pitched sound that makes me excited.

She gets SUPER elated to see herself in the mirror and lately has been getting so tickled every time I stand her up on the counter in the kitchen.  It's like she knows that is not allowed for anyone else :).

And, the PT always comments on how well Anniston focuses on toys.  That focus comes from her daddy!

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure once we return home, I will have more to add!

Oh, I thought of more, of course:  She still sleeps about 11.5 hours at night, takes two good naps and weighs about 16.5 pounds...maybe close to 17 now :).


misti said...

Shopping, flirting, and jewelry...she is such a little girl! And with her strong legs, maybe she will skip crawling alltogether and just take off walking one day :)

judymysoulthirsts said...

I LOVE Anniston SO much!!! She is doing beautifully and is such a "girly girl"... like her sweet mommy! Spending those few days with all of you last week to witness many of these activities was such a JOY!! Thanks for helping me walk down memory lane for a few minutes and picture all these sweet moments in my head and heart!

Love Bunches!
Mom "GG"

the Jennings secede from the South said...

She is doing so well! The Pooh book makes me laugh- I bet you have it memorized:)

Anonymous said...

Oh God Love her! What a great 11 month post!

I have just a minute... i will come back later to give details or maybe in e-mail later.... this post brings back SO many memories for me! Campbell sat up ON his first birthday! He rolled very little. His legs were NOT strong at all and the therapist kept talking about how "bad" that was. Interesting stuff.

All of that to say..... just look at him now! I didn't think he would be "normal". HA! Well, he is far from "Normal" but i wouldn't have him any other way!

I am just giddy watching how God is working on Anniston. It is just a beautiful "show". Frustrating for you guys, i know, at times but the story that you guys are able to tell now and more story every day, is going to help others later and give God all of the glory!

Man, i have to go. Please forgive all of my errors too!