Monday, May 17, 2010

family fun!

My wonderful, amazing in-laws were in town recently for a visit, and here are some of the pictures!

With Janjan and Aunt Meg.  (Too tickled to look at the camera.)

Stan's mom is SO much better at remembering to take pictures than I am, so she took some of these with our camera and did a wonderful job catching some of those moments we might have missed!  I love how sweet Anniston looks in this one :).

At our most favorite barbecue place, Leatha's!

She LOVES her Aunt Meg.

I love this picture because you can tell how much she favors her Pops!

The newest addition to the family:  Buddy!  He belongs to Aunt Meg and Uncle Bryan...
No puppy for us yet :(.


Mother's Day pic :)... a little excited.

Have I said how much she loves her Janjan and Pops, too?  (And, how much she loves to NOT look at the camera??  She'll smile at my phone anyday.  Go figure.)

Whew, I'm pooped from all the fun!  Come back soon, fam!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures girl! Your family is absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a great week! xoxo

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I truly hope I look half as good as mrs. Jan when I'm a grandmother!

jessie said...

great pics! i did have to thank you, you did me a huge favor! that chair is a hit. she climbs in it constantly; she just needs to figure out how to turn around in it once she's up there. they actually got it at the pottery barn outlet in memphis (if they're going there anytime soom) so it was much cheaper than from the "real" store!

jessie said...

oh, tell janjan to splurge on the large chair. my dad wanted to get the small one but my sister convinced him we'd get way more use out of the large one. he was afraid it'd be too big for her now but it's just fine!

Lindsey Walpole said...

Such great pics Lindz! Anniston is getting so big. She is just a doll. :)

Carey said...

Aww, your inlaws are so fun! Love that mother's day pic! You both look beautiful! Anniston looks like she is getting so big! Hopefully we can see you soon!

randi frazier anderson said...

Hey hey! so glad to see some pictures! Lovely as always...but makes us miss you as always, too! :)

WoodardFamily said...

Precious! She does look like Stanton!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures!! You are so blessed to have wonderful in-laws and so many people to love on precious little Anniston! She's such a happy baby!

mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

Dad said, put a beard and mustache on Anniston and she sure would look like Stanton! lol Their smiles are so much alike.

love ya!
mom & dad

Natalie said...

Such cute pics. It looks like you had a great visit. After looking at these pictures, there is no doubt that Anniston is a Martin!

Pam Scott said...

Yes! The Martins are very special people! You are so fortunate to be a part of such a loving, caring family. They are always full of mercy and grace, as they daily live out their Christian faith by honoring one another. What a blessing for Anniston!
Hugs to you all!