Tuesday, May 25, 2010

immunology appointment!

Last Friday, my parents met me and Anniston in Jackson for her Immunology appointment.  Since we returned home from the hospital with her, my mom and dad have been so generous to drive over to help me with Anniston’s appointments on the days that Stan has not been able to come.  I am very independent, so I have to interject that I can (and have) take her to her appointments on my own, but the times that they have accompanied me definitely has made those days easier…especially when we have more than one appointment in one day. 

Since we only had one doctor’s visit Friday, we were all able to spend a little more quality time together, and it was so much fun!  Anniston LOVES my parents, and they LOVE her!!  As soon as they walked up to her, she smiled and laughed and basically did not stop as long as they were around!  She had trouble eating her lunch because she just kept laughing at her GG :).

A little note about her Immunology appointment:  It went great…we had some blood work done (SO not fun…hard to stick her…), and we will not know the results for a couple of weeks.  I don’t talk about this much, but the syndrome that caused her heart defect they said could also affect her immune system (and calcium and speech…), so that is why we have had to be so careful with her this year.  They have really wanted us to keep a tight reign on her, especially around large groups and children, so church has been an issue.  

We go and sit in the back…she just wants to play, so it can be a bit of a distraction for us and possibly others.  She really is VERY good, but just excited.  Getting to church late and leaving early so as to limit the people she was exposed to was common for us in the beginning, but now that it is warmer, we are being a little more lenient.  Plus, I want her to have interaction with people!  I really would love to put her in the nursery, but her immunologist says no for now…still.  We thought she might tell us different at this appointment, but she wants to wait and see the results of Anniston’s blood work.  

Her T-cells have always looked good which is awesome since they pretty much orchestrate the rest of the immune system (praying that they are still looking great!).  It was her IGG (Immunoglobulin) antibody that was low about six months ago, so we are praying that it is in the normal range now!

This is really so funny to me to say all of this because this little girl has not been sick ONCE this entire year!!  Okay, maybe a runny nose or two, but seriously, besides like a few hours of a REALLY low fever ONE time, she has NOT had ONE ear infection, has NEVER thrown up, has never even acted REMOTELY sick, and has not had to see her pediatrician for an illness ONCE!!!  We have been SO blessed, and I just want to shout it from the rooftops that God is good!!  This is such a miracle in itself, and I have been so excited to share it with you guys!

I am thankful for her amazing doctors and for their wisdom, too!  We have known to be careful with her, but we have also tried not to take precaution to the point of insanity.  (Well, sometimes...it was pretty hard not getting out much at all over the winter months!)  We are blessed and are looking forward to a great report.  And even if it were not great, she is fine, and you can just look at her to see that she is healthy.  I almost want to say “keep it coming because this little girl will prove you wrong!”  Almost is the operative word :).


Okay, now for more pics with GG and Grandpa (since I finally remembered to take some!):

She has this new thing...

Where she head butts with my dad.  It's so cute.  She always leans toward him for them to touch foreheads.

Thank you so much, parents, for helping me!  I know you only came so you could assist me and not at all so you could get some loving from this sweet little girl, right?!  I have the most amazing parents, and I love them more than they know!

Wow, that was long...sorry about that!


carey said...

So glad that she is doing Good! Praise the Lord!
Emerson used to do the same head butting thing! I think it was her way of kissing. Now that she has mastered kissing, she kisses everyone and I do mean EVERYONE! ha!

Lydia & GT said...

Lindsey- she is so precious! They are so much fun as they get older. It is so funny the things they come up with!

I am so glad to hear a good report! I am praying for yall and her blood results! I cant imagine bringing Audrie into church with us...One reason, I love church is because I can put her in the nursery and have a few hours to myself...I know your ready for a break :)

Anonymous said...

Awww... thanks for the sweet comments Lindsey and yes, we wanted to see our precious "grown" daughter too! :) BOTH of you were the highlight of our day! We love you and your family SO much and we are also SO proud of you for the care and love you show Anniston and each one of your family members! You are a treasure! Praying and Believing God for a GOOD Report!!!

mom "GG"

Kitchen Belleicious said...

She is just beautiful lindsey. I am praying for a wonderful report and I believe God will do just that!

jessie said...

glad everything looks good so far! keep us posted.

that swimsuit was a bday present but it's from target, i think! the girl that gave it to her just monogrammed the O on it! i've seen SEVERAL blogs with little girls in the same suit - it's popular! and yes, let's go shopping since our girls have all the same stuff anyway!

Lois Lane II said...

Beautiful! I am so glad the report turned out well.

Anniston is such an angel. She is so so cute!!

WoodardFamily said...

I had so much fun seeing yall and especially Anniston! So glad she is doing so well. She is so healthy & happy!!