Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tot trays

Tot School

I found this site (and her blog) a while back and have been looking for it lately, and alas, I stumbled upon it again tonight!  This mom creates "lapbooks" for her school-aged children as a way of learning, which seems very educational and fun, but what I have been interested in are her "tot trays" for Anniston.  Basically, you just put simple (sometimes specific) household items on a tray while having an agenda to encourage exploration of texture, enhance fine motor skills, learn to sort, learn to count, etc.  

It's all pretty much common sense, but I like the idea of having time set aside to do these activities.  She really is not old enough to tackle many of them, but there are so many versions that do apply to her age. 

And, with Anniston not using her right arm/hand nearly as much as her left, I learned that this can cause an aversion to different textures in that hand (who knew?), maybe even associating them with pain, so I am often using a variety of touch-and-feel books/items to deter any kind of fear that they say could arise (but, we are praying and claiming that it will not!) anyway, like I said, we are liking the idea of being more intentional with our playtime (especially since I am always just stressed about doing therapy with her), and as SHE (the author of the site) wrote, these activities are only meant for FUN at this age.  

Wow, that was a really long "sentence"...from the person who agonizes over grammar.

To sum things up, if you have a tot, babysit a tot, or are the aunt/grandmother/cousin/sister/brother of a tot, you might want to visit this site for some good, old-fashioned brain stimulation.  The tot trays are my current interest, but there are also many other great resources to explore.
 Check it out :).


Lydia & GT said...

Thank you for posting this! I have never heard of this before and I love it! I have felt that way many times, that I should be teaching Audrie intentional things during playtime!

I am excited about looking through this website more! I am sure I will blog about it!


judymysoulthirsts said...

I like these items... let me know if there is anything special you would like for GG and Grandpa to have at our home too. :)

Love You!
mom "GG"