Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a period of time later

A year ago today was a wonderful day, but seriously...June '10 has trumped June '09.  I've done a lot of reflecting lately on a year ago this month.  It was a long month but not even close to what some people have to travel through.  Honestly, other events with Anniston's health last year were more difficult than the heart surgery itself...and even those things weren't so bad with a dose of perspective.  

I have brought this verse up more than once, but it was and still is more encouragement than I can say...something for us to stand on:  "The Lord will perfect what concerns me.  Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever."  Psalm 138:8a  He will.  I was talking to a sweet friend yesterday who said that she would not have been able to make it through her trials if she didn't have Jesus, and I do not even know if I can convey how wholeheartedly I agree with her.  I cannot imagine what those months would have looked like without Him.

I have heard of so many heartaches and tough times lately, and it breaks my heart.  I hope those people are comforted by the Lord's arms around them, and I hope Anniston's story can maybe be at least some sort of encouragement on top of proof that it may be tough and feel like life will never look up...but before you know it, it will be a period of time later {for us, a year}, and you will be on the other side.  And, as difficult as it may be to imagine, you might even be somewhat {or very} thankful for the journey so far.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of you three!! Also, what a beautiful post of God's faithfulness you wrote!

Much Love,
Mom "GG"

Brooklyn said...

Love reading your stories! Fabulous picture of all three of you!

Shelley said...

awesome post. loved reading it. yall make a gorgeous family! love that pic! saw mrs. jan the other day...love that lady! we still need to get that playdate together!