Tuesday, June 8, 2010

real quick...

Many pictures to chronicle Anniston's first birthday!

Well, it really started the night before.  Birthday's Eve has always been a big deal in my family.  My mom even wrote a poem that she (with my dad by her side) recited to me and my brother on every Birthday's Eve that I can remember until I graduated from high school...maybe even a few years after that :).  (She wrote the poem in the comments of the last post if you are interested...)

These next two pictures are on that special day/night (cute bubble outfit made by Stan's Aunt Pat):


The next morning, on the BIG DAY, I made her breakfast and put a "1" on the pancake with her favorite: puffs.  (Great suggestion from Janjan!)  And, she had scrambled eggs for the first time and LOVED them!!

Here is the birthday girl!!

I really thought I made her WAY to much food, but I think she held her own rather well, coming away from the meal with what I would consider a happy plate :).

**The cute plate was a wedding gift from my mom's sweet friend, Mrs. Penny, and it says "your special day."  I intend to use it every birthday from now on!  Mrs. Penny has actually made me pancakes on my birthday before, and that is why she gave me such a special gift!

Stan knew he was going to have to work late on her birthday :(, so he spent some extra quality time with us the morning of...it was wonderful!  They even did a little work together :).  

And played the piano.

This chair was given to me by my parents on my first birthday, and GG and Grandpa brought it to us last month so that we could pass it down to Anniston on hers!  Isn't my dad a hunk??!

Here she is in the chair!

Later that day, we played on her birthday gift from Janjan and Pops!  It looks so cute in her room!  I'm so glad I can look back and remember the days when she would stay put when I placed her somewhere.  Makes me realize how mobile she really is getting when I see her like this :).

THEN, we had a bite of a strawberry cupcake...also one of my birthday traditions passed down.  I think every birthday up until this year [I asked for cookie cake this time:)], my mom has made me a strawberry cake!  Anniston LOVED this too!!

This was the best I could do getting a picture of the both of us on my own.  It was a wonderful day!

OH, and Anniston cut her FIRST tooth on her FIRST birthday!!!  So, she was little cranky but did great considering.  How random to cut your first tooth on your first birthday??

AND, we got her immunology report back yesterday!  Everything looks GREAT!!  Her IGG was still slightly below normal...it was 137 in September and 223 now with 232 being normal...I'm thinking that is a MARKED IMPROVEMENT!!!  Also, her T-cells were normal!!!  SUCH an answered prayer!  Her immunologist also said that her B-cells were elevated, which is good because she said that usually when she sees a higher number of B-cells with a lower IGG in infants, the IGG typically improves and this deficit is usually grown out of after early infancy and childhood.  SO thankful!  She continued to stress that she would not put Anniston in the church nursery yet, but that is really not the end of the world by any means.  I am just thankful that she is healthy!

Okay, something else:  please pray for this baby!!  And, this is another site with updates on baby Cohen as well.

So, maybe this wasn't a very quick post...


Brooklyn said...

I didn't know your dad was Elvis?! Love, love the pictures of Anniston!!

Brooklyn said...
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Brooklyn said...

p.s. Are you surprised I have that pillow in light blue?:)

jessie said...


Emily said...

I love the pictures!

carey said...

haha that picture of your dad made me laugh out loud!
Anniston is just so adorable! I love that pic of her sliding out of the chair...I just want to squeeze her legs :)
PTL!!! for the awesome results!

Lydia & GT said...

I LOVE all of the birthday traditions! I want to make birthdays a big deal by having things like that. No neccessarily making the "party" the BIG deal.

I think I am going to make a plate for each kid when they are born and use it every birthday! I love it! :)

She is just a doll. I am so happy to hear the good report and will continue praying that it continues to get better and better!

Happy Birthday to Anniston! :)

Bump said...

Hi Lindsey, I love your blog -- you post amazing photographs! My friend and I would love to feature the nautical baby shower you did for your friend Kristen. Email us at bumpsmitten {at} gmail {dot} com, and we can give you more details, so you can see if this is something that interests you! Hope to hear from you soon!

- Emilie & Elizabeth :)