Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the beach.

About a month later...I know, I know.

We were SUPER blessed to be able to go to the beach this year with both of our families {we missed Uncle Matt and Uncle Bryan who both had to work :(...}.  It was an amazing week with tons of new memories made.  And hey, when you've got both sets of Grandparents and an Aunt with you, you tend to get more free-time...win-win for all!

The diva in action:

Isn't this swimsuit SO cute?!  Stan's Aunt made this too!

Taking a picture of ourselves with Kix Brooks conveniently in the background :).  Silly, I know.  Wish we could have talked a little LaTech with the man, though...

Father's Day Eve...my dad and his girls.

We rode bikes everywhere!  It was so much fun.  Speaking of bikes, I think I'm getting a cruiser today...more on that later.

The Truman house!  {From The Truman Show.}

Came home on Father's Day...here is the daddy-daughter pic from the day.  Tired girl to say the least.  Maybe she was worn out from all the attention? :)

Needless to say, Anniston LOVED the beach.  It was a bit warm, and she stayed in the shade most of the time, but she loved the sand {tried to eat it}, playing in her raft, and feeling the salt water run through her toes.  Good times.


Little did anyone know that this was Anniston's SECOND trip to the beach.  I took her last year with my parents when she was not even three months old!  We went after school started, so she wasn't around many people that time.  I think she liked it then too as the picture might suggest:

Last year.

This year...into everything!


Carey said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures and looks like a fabulous trip too! How fun to have everyone together! Yay for extra help and more free time :)
I LOVE that pic of the grandpaw's and Anniston sleeping! So funny!

Amy Hogan said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Precious pictures!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Oh my gosh... That beach picture of you, Stan & Anniston is SO GREAT!!! I mean she's smiling & everything!!!! It really is so good! Definitely a big framer for your house! :-)

Kristen T said...

Awesome pics!! and what a beautiful family!! Fun times!! We are headed to the beach in a week! I can't wait for Aubrey to experience it!

Pam Scott said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! Anniston looks so pretty and healthy and so does everyone else! You all have so much fun together! Hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

We laughed SO hard when we saw Grandpa, Pops, and Anniston sleeping! So funny! We had a great trip... lots of fun memories!!

Love u!
mom "GG"

jessie said...

awesome pics, linsey! i doctored that dessert up a little. ask meg - i let her know to late!

Lois Lane II said...

Oh how fun! What beautiful pictures, too!

Deb said...

Pictures are so beautiful made me wonder if you hired a personal photog! Love Love Love the pics!! Glad you all had a great time together!!

jessie said...

oh, and what kind of camera do you have? you ALWAYS have great pics!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, looked like you all had a great time. I believe you have mentionoed it before, but I have looked through old posts but cannot find the name of the product you use on Anniston's hair.

Nancy R.

misti said...

Girl, you have got one gorgeous family! And I cracked up at the Kix Brooks photo snag...sounds like something I would do.

lindsey said...


I am sorry to just now answer your question! We use Nestles baby hair lotion. You can search google to find it, or I think Waltz Pharmacy in Ruston carries it as well. We love the stuff!

WoodardFamily said...

GREAT pics of all of you at the beach and of course cute Anniston! I have missed so much in the past few weeks. So proud of her scooting around. She and Amelia would be fun to watch together right now :) Love yall! XO