Friday, July 23, 2010

i love her.

So, I was planning on spilling some of my struggles in this post...having to do with Anniston's physical recovery from everything last's been slow-feeling sometimes, but she really has come SO incredibly far.  BUT, in the middle of a couple of those just not quite right days, I was blessed and filled with encouragement from sweet friends.  Friends who love me as I am and who were empathetic enough to meet me where I was.  And, I would be remiss not to mention my sweet husband who is always willing to lend an ear {and at times a tissue}.  God is good, and this baby girl is healed...will not cease claiming that fact!

Well, I feel silly complaining about therapy and such when I take a step back and look at this little girl because you can plainly see that she is just fine!  OH, and did I fail to mention that she started scooting/belly crawling a few weeks ago?!!  It's still pretty tough with her right side how it has been, but she is oh so determined and motivated!  Just so I will remember and be thankful:  when she started to scoot on her belly, she was going sideways because she was primarily using her left arm.  She would push herself over her right arm but could not pull it back out.  WELL, only a week later, she was pulling her right arm out and shifting her weight back and forth to scoot!  So thankful.  It's happening...

On this particular day, she was acting so silly and cute.  Okay, so I guess she is like that every day to me.  She was modeling another sweet outfit from Aunt Pat in the top pic and a few others :).  Feel free to take a peek at those two, cute teeth as well.

She does this sometimes...scrunches up her nose and squints like she's trying to see something.  It cracks us up.  

Posing :).

Silly, sneaky grin.

I mean, she's pretty darn cute, isn't she?  Love her.


Lora said...

More precious than words! Believe it or not--ALL Mothers are frustrated at times! We think life is not fair--but only when we take our eyes off God's MANY Blessings to us. It's OK though--HE really understands!

Rebecca said...

She is so precious!!! Love keeping up with y'all! We will have to get our girls together one day!

jessie said...

YAY ANNISTON!!! that's awesome! and her outfits are pretty cute too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I have been a slacker on the commenting side lately! SUMMER = BUSY! Who knew as they kids got older, i would be much busier!?

Anniston is a LIVING DOLL! She is so precious!

I understand your frustration. It is such a normal emotion. But it is such a great emotion to turn around just like you have done!

I love that she is learning HER WAY! That is AWESOME! I like that she works to figure stuff out!

One last thing... with Campbell and his situation I have been told this often: Children that have to deal with situations differently then "normal" children often do amazing things later in life b/c they have learned to think and work harder than other children!

Who knows?.... We shall see....

I can hardly wait to see what Miss Anniston does as she grows!

Love, Christi

Anonymous said...

OH, Lindsey these pictures are ADORABLE!!! I'm so proud of all her accomplishments... also, of you and Stan too! You're awesome parents and do such a great job with Anniston. After just seeing her I can tell she has grown and accomplishing so many things these days! We are SO proud of her!!

To God be the GLORY for ALL HE has done in her sweet life!

I'm so thankful too for all your sweet friends... God always puts people in our life at the right moments to encourage us. What a blessing!

Mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much. The pictures are fabulous! Love ya, Linds!
Melissa Read

Brooklyn said...

She has to be the baby EVER!!!!

Brooklyn said...

*cutest :)

Lydia & GT said...

She is so cute! And doing SO great! I love the pics! :)

Carey said...

Those pictures are so Wonderful! Phillip & I are just chuckling at her sweet faces! So proud with you of her new mode of transportation! Praise God!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

She is so cute- she seems like such a happy baby. you have such a wonderful perspective!

Lois Lane II said...

That child is ridiculously gorgeous. I mean, hello, window shop baby!!

Window shop baby -- a baby that you wish you could just take home with you, but, as the clothing on the mannequins never looks as good on you, neither will your own child be as good as the window shop baby. ;) Lol!

Rachel J. said...

She is so beautiful!! What a testimony and encouragement it has been to watch your little family over the last year... thanks for your vulnerability and reliance on the Lord. He is using you still!!