Friday, August 20, 2010

life through my phone, yet again...

So, today's post is another assortment of phone pics from the last few weeks since I am once again terribly behind on getting pictures uploaded from my camera.  

And, to add to my slacker-mom-ness (so not a word) this past week, I am seeing that half of these pictures were taken when Anniston was in the middle of getting dressed (diaper pics) or was in her pj's...oh well.

This Ruston Peach Festival onesie IS very cute, though!  Thanks Janjan!!

Oh my goodness...I could write for days about how much this little girl loves to "read".  If she needs motivation to do ANYTHING, a book will work.  I seriously think, barring the whole eating and sleeping thing, she would be content to sit in one place and turn the pages in her books ALL day.  They have been lifesavers.  We use books to keep her quiet and entertained during church and when we are at restaurants.

LOVES her daddy.  Doesn't cry when mamma exits the room, but when daddy leaves for work...tears.  Oh, and I learned yesterday that using a blender apparently causes tears as well...big, fat, raindrop kind of tears.  It was pitiful.

The next two pictures are pretty over a month, but I love them:

Giving sugar :).

Helping me open the mail.

GG came a few weeks ago to play...we had fun!

I didn't take this one or the next with my phone, but somehow they were saved in my pics so I had to add them :).  My friend, Melissa, took them during our play time a couple of weeks ago, and I hope she doesn't mind that I share!  These are Anniston's two best friends right now, Walt and Sawyer.  She insisted on giving Walt sugar SEVERAL times yesterday!  His mamma, Amanda, better watch out!!  

She looks so old to me in this pic with her bud, Sawyer.  I'm sure she has tried to give him sugar as well.  If not, it's just a matter of time!  These are the sweetest boys.

Giving her Grandpa sweet eyes at lunch last week...those were the most special moments.  She would just keep looking at him and lighting up with big grins and smiley eyes.

And, drumrollllll!!:

Last night, Anniston pulled/climbed all the way up onto the couch cushion (on the floor) all by herself!!!  She used both arms!!!  It was difficult, and I heard lots of grunting, but she wanted that book SO bad!! ha  I was so proud of her, I could hardly contain myself.  See both knees under her, too??  Yay!!  I took this picture to show her therapists today.  They were so proud, too!  I cannot tell you how thankful we are for them, by the way.

Trying on her LaTech cheerleader outfit from last year...still fits somehow.  Note the tear making its way onto her cheek.  She was tired of playing dress-up :).

Sweetest, most loving baby ever.  


WoodardFamily said...

Adorable! All of the pics! The blender still makes Eleanor cry :)

Carey said...

Way to Go Anniston!!!
She just looks like such a sweet happy girl! Emerson is pretty bad about giving kisses to anybody and everybody espcially other kids! At least they are friendly :)

btw, if we had passed through your way to the beach, I would have definitely called!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet to see all of the pictures!!! She is such a sweetheart and her "GG" is SO... SO proud of her climbing on top of the cushion to get her book!!!

Give hugs and sugars for me!! I love you three so much!!

mom "GG"

Kristen T said...

I LOVED looking at these! Thanks for sharing! I loved the one where she was giving sugar to the camera! She is so cute!

The McCormick Family said...

where to begin...
I'm so proud of her for pulling herself up with both arms! It's amazing to see how far she is coming:) And I don't think you should be concerned with her giving boys sugar. Pretty soon the boys will be chasing her!