Friday, August 6, 2010

meet our friend:

People usually laugh when I tell them about this, but Anniston very much enjoys playing with her friend, herself, everyday!  She is able to be around more people now, but back when I was wanting her to have more interaction with children, one of her therapists recommended laying a tall mirror sideways on the ground so that she could have a playmate her age :).  It was a hit!  She has always loved interacting with herself in the mirror, but I just had never thought about putting one on the floor for some reason.  We don't leave it out all the time, but she does love giving her friend sugar, making shy faces at her, and laughing, smiling, dancing, etc... with her :).

Pardon the fingerprints and slobber marks on the glass...she just loves her so much!

PS:  We were in the middle of getting dressed.
PPS:  Note the chunky legs :).


Oh!  And, here she is playing with a couple of her "real" friends yesterday!  She loves them so much, too!  


jessie said...

that's an awesome idea!!

Anonymous said...

I love all those adorable little looks she gives and those cute legs!!! Kisses and Hugs to all!

mom "GG"