Friday, September 10, 2010


Sweet girl got her new kicks in yesterday, and I think they are pretty cute!  I don't think I've mentioned it before, but her feet have been turning in because of the stroke...she puts more weight on her left leg, causing her to put weight on the inside of her right foot while compensating with the left and turning it in as well.  Whew.  

You can see what I mean in the pic of her standing in the last post.  It's hard for me to look at because she is basically standing on her inside right ankle.  

Anyway, these braces will help keep her feet straight while allowing her to have an arch and to put weight on the outer parts of her feet!  They also give her good ankle support and are specially made just for her.  The casting process was really cool, but I don't have much time to share details.  She will wear socks underneath, and they will fold over the tops of the braces, so if you didn't already know she was wearing braces, you would never know.  Ya know?  We were able to pick out the pattern, and we chose white with purple and pink bunnies :).

We found her some simple, very versatile white shoes to wear with them, but I think these tennis shoes are my favorite!  They are so cute and will be great for fall.  The only problem is that we had to buy shoes two sizes bigger than her feet because the braces have to fit inside, so they look like boats on her since she has SUCH a tiny foot.  (size 2 normally!)  Just pray that she will adjust to them well and not trip over her big new feet! :)

She does not have to wear them all the time right now since she is not walking yet...we are going to work up to a few hours a day for now.

This is her splint that she wears on her right hand at night to help her with the recognition of her right hand/arm and to keep her from fisting her hands, particularly to keep her thumb out.  She's had this for a while, but since we were sharing our accessories...


Anonymous said...

Cute design! She'll think she has a new toy probably. lol. I love her shoes too! Adorable! GG and Grandpa will be praying she won't trip too!

Lots of love,
Mom "GG"

Carey said...

Those are stinking adorable! Miss Shellie wore braces on her legs for quite some time growing up and corrective shoes. I'm sure she would have died to have something so stylish to choose from :)
So proud of all of Miss Anniston's latest achievements! May the Lord continue to wow us all through her!
Love yall!

jessie said...

a good friend of mines little girl wears braces that look a lot like that. she's had them for a while and from what little i know they get the job done! she also had a stroke at birth... just some random info for ya! and look at you posting twice in one week! good for you!

Anonymous said...

Those are just like Campbell's were! CUTE!

I love the shoes! I mean, really stylin'.

I can hardly wait to see how they help her.

Happy Weekend to y'all!!!


Lindsey Walpole said...

When I did a practica at Shriners in Shreveport, I learned about the cool new things coming out to help little ones walk and have better use of their limbs. I am forever amazed at how far they have come with everything. So glad that Anniston has some precious looking new toys to help her walk! :)

jessie said...

i was so happy i caught yall walking by! anniston is PRECIOUS!! she and o could be good friends if we lived closer to each other! :) homecoming is gonna be tough due to naps but we should be able to make it out there by 2ish but since the game's at 3 we might just wait and go at game time. LOVED her outfit by the way!

Lindsey Walpole said...

I am so glad that I got to see you and Anniston this weekend! What a treat! :)

WoodardFamily said...

precious! Love the bunnies. She will surely be stylin!