Thursday, September 9, 2010

we now have a fifteen month old! of, like, a week ago.  Anniston is tackling a ton of new things since I last shared what God is doing through her, so I had to give another one of those extensive, spill it all out at once posts as I am in the habit of doing.  Excited?  Since I haven't truly blogged about her progress in a few months, many of these talents/quirks/achievements have been around for a while...

I first have to start by saying that she is SUCH a sweet baby.  She gives the biggest grins, is VERY generous with her "sugar" and has learned to give "lovin'" in the last month or so.  "Lovin'" is my favorite.  I can sit on the couch with her and Stan and repeatedly ask her to give either mama or daddy lovin', and she will lay her head on the person I say.

Also, I noticed this the other day and just showed Stan yesterday:  She has a new laugh.  Seriously, it just changed Tuesday, I think!  It sounds so much different...not so much the chubby girl laugh anymore; she sounds a little girl instead of a baby.  It's a little more high-pitched.  I guess she is just still experimenting with her voice?

She hasn't said a word yet, but we are not worried.  Her sweet early intervention teacher and therapists say that with her having to focus so much more on gross and fine motor than most children (and since babies' brains can only handle so much input), it is common to have a little delay with speech.  She does like to "talk" though and says the most in her bed.  

We have been extremely impressed with how much she understands what we say.  We can ask her to drink her milk, pick up her peas, play her piano, give sugar, give lovin', etc, and she will follow our commands.  She can say "eat" in sign language...that's the only word I have tried teaching her...  At first, I started WAY too early trying to teach her SL and got burned out until a month or so ago when we picked it up again.  I know that in her case exposing her to language in as many ways as possible is important, so I will try to do better.

She LOVES her stuffed animals now and gives them sugar often :)...almost as much as she gives sugar to pictures of babies, actual babies, and the baby (her "friend") that she sees in the mirror.

Coming from two firstborns (weird, right?), this firstborn is pretty independent.  She always wants to do things on her own without much help.

Her most favorite songs are "This is the day that the Lord has made" and "The wheels on the bus".  

I've already mentioned that she LOVES to "read", whether it is us reading to her, her turning the pages in her books, or her "talking" while she looks at her books as though she is reading.

And, another drumrolllll!!:

She pulled up to standing Monday!!!  Did all that work on labor day.

It helps if you stick your tongue out :).

With the weakness she has had in her right side since her stroke, she has had to learn to do everything in her own way (which makes all of this even more difficult...), and we are beyond proud of her for working so diligently without getting frustrated.  LOTS of grunting, but barely any crying accompanies these complicated tasks.  We have a HARD worker, and I know this is a quality that will benefit her greatly in life...another reason to be grateful for the hardships.  Claiming continued strength and improvement in the name of Jesus!

OH, and one of her physical therapists thinks she will be walking by Christmas!!!  That is alot sooner than I was thinking, and I am so thankful to have a goal to shoot for over the next few months!

There will be an entire post dedicated to mealtime since I have rambled enough for today.  

Happy Thursday!  

P.S.:  Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  Random.


Lora said...

Wonderful post-full of God's Grace, parents' love, and a sweet baby. Your sweet baby is turning into a "little girl".

Anonymous said...

We LOVED looking at all the pictures!! She's so precious! God has so much planned for this little girl! The love and joy she so easily shares is such a blessing to everyone who meets her. also tell her how proud we are of her hard work! She's made a lot of progress! You and Stan do so good working with her too... you are such wonderful parents!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been a slacker in the comment area but it does not mean I don't look! On a side note: 7th and 5th grade is TIME CONSUMING!

I am so happy for that girl and all of her hard work! God has blessed you all and Anniston! I know He has great plans for her!

Thanks for rambling! I enjoyed it!


Lindsey Walpole said...

I love your ramblings and seeing how Anniston is growing! Shes getting so big.