Sunday, October 31, 2010

hoot hoot!

**I just added DIY instructions here :). Sorry they are not very has been a while since I made this costume, and I don't exactly have time to remake! Thank you for understanding!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall flair

Well, the fall decorations have been up for a little while now, and I must say that there is nothing quite like seeing visions of warty pumpkins everywhere I turn.

You should have been here a few weeks ago. Stan sent me picture after picture after picture to my phone of the coolest pumpkins and gourds from a nearby stand...I was SO excited. I picked out a few as best I could, and he came home with a pretty marvelous stash. He won major points.

So I pretty much just put these unique pumpkins all around the house and didn't do anything super special or creative, but I kind of like it that way: simple.

Almost all of the pumpkins pictured are real, but a few fake ones are interspersed throughout just to keep ya guessing.

I did wrap some twine around my wreaths to contain them a bit (they liked to attack people as they entered...not so nice) and just to change things up a little.

I heard about the coffee filter wreath below from my friend Shelley's blog, and my friend Ashlee and I made some of our own. So cheap, easy, and fun! Here is the link to the directions.

THIS is my FAVORITE pumpkin. All lumpy and curvy and fantastic.

I really have lit those candles a few times, even though it doesn't look like it...

THIS is my SECOND favorite pumpkin. What a pretty gray/green color, right?

The trusty wreath over the sink...makes me smile.

Those pumpkins are fake, fyi.

The end!

Just thought I'd add a recent picture from a pumpkin patch :). The picture is deceiving...Anniston was not very smiley that day, but I will still share some of the pouty pictures soon.

And, thank you for your ideas on what to do with my little guys are pretty creative! Will update on what I've decided asap!

This is really the end, promise.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I bought about twelve of these wreaths last year on sale for 49 cents each, knowing that I could put them to use somehow in decorating for fall (and maybe even all-year decorating?), but I'm having trouble deciding what to do with them!

My only two thoughts have been to a. use them as huge napkin rings on our dining room table {they're about 9 inches wide} or to b. cut some in half and some in thirds and arrange them in either a rustic-ish looking wreath or to frame a mirror in that manner...probably both silly ideas?

Any other suggestions?? Thanks!

Will post our not-so-perfect fall decorations next :).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

catching up, majorly.

I'm dumping all of the pictures I have been meaning to post for like two months now into this one, super-huge grouping...mainly for the grandparent figures :). Sorry guys.

Let's see...

Janjan had her birthday the end of was a blast! We met in Jackson and spent the day eating and shopping. My kind of fun!

We have the prettiest moms.

I think she looks so funny here. She's like: "I'm cool...leave me alone now."

This will show you how behind I am. I think these were from before Janjan's birthday...oops.

Then we visited family in Louisiana. Loving GG.

Went to a Tech game. It was hot at this point :).

Celebrated my dad's birthday. He's so silly.

My brother, Uncle Matt. Isn't he cute?! I love him.

Me and Matthew. This picture makes me laugh, too, because it's such a typical sibling picture. We're looking at our mom like "why are you taking our picture?" ha

At the track loving on GG.

Then GG came for a visit...we had a great time then, as well. Sorry for not being very eloquent. Not that I usually am or anything, but I think my brain is fried...lots of choppy sentences.

Cheered on our team again.

Intently watching the game :). Doesn't get to watch that big screen much, ha.

She has been pulling to her knees more, and it's a lot easier now. Oh, and she clapped the other day for the first time!! Obviously, she would have done this months ago if it were not for her right arm, but she can do it now! Hasn't opened her right hand when she claps yet, but I'm still counting it!

LOVES the puppy dogs...and Grammy, of course :).

From my phone. Hoping to make it to a pumpkin patch soon!

Back home. Went to the neatest wedding Friday with my sweet friend, Amanda...good to be home, but will be back on the go again soon! Go go go!