Monday, October 4, 2010

"swimming" and good update

I know this must seem completely hypocritical to share these pictures after my last post, but I was just looking through our shots from September and mainly wanted to add these for my memory.  She loves Stan :).  

The start of the summer, Anniston was fairly content sitting in her float playing with her toys, but as the temperatures began to drop (to like 90) the beginning of September and we began to swim more (would was so nice!), Anniston took to the water like a champ!  All she wanted to do was kick kick kick all across the pool, and it was incredibly difficult to keep her in the float at this point since she was bent only on crawling out.  I love that she has taken to "swimming" so well.

Aren't they cute?! :)


Update, again for my memory:  She is doing better and better pulling to stand (especially since we found her some smaller shoes), and she wants to cruise a little bit...kind of hard since she really needs to hold on with her right hand.  Had an EEG recently that turned out pretty well, so she's coming off of one of her seizure meds (praise the Lord) and is almost down to one along with her calcium supplement that she really doesn't even need.  [It's pretty crazy how low her calcium dosage is (.3 ml 2x a day), and she has had blood work showing that her levels are normal...but we are just thankful that they are normal.]  Had the best day at therapy today.  She showed them how easily she pulls up to her knees and initiates steps.  We have also been seeing more hands and knees (crawling) positions lately.  She is a testimony for sure, and I am thankful for this open door to share Christ's mercy.  Love her...


To bring us back to the season at hand...I'm decorating right now, and I had a big bowl of chili tonight.  Mmm...full on fall :).


misti said...

So many great God things in this post! But firstly, that swimsuit is adorable (pink ruffles!!).You have one tough little cutie, Lindsey!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh, she's precious. I hate we missed seeing y'all in Louisiana! We'll be back mid-November, maybe we'll see you then!!!

Anonymous said...

I made a big pot of chili last night too!! Great minds think alike! lol... I LOVE all the pictures you posted! You can tell she loves her daddy so much! Sweet, Sweet memories!

mom "GG"

Jamie said...

She is so precious and I'm so happy that she is doing well. I think of her often and keep your family in my prayers. You can really tell that she loves her daddy too. There is something special about Daddy's girls.

Carey said...

What adorable pictures! She looks like a daddy's girl for sure! Praise the Lord for more and more "steps" in the right direction! He is so good!
btw, I'm whipping up some pumpkin bread right now! Can't wait to have a slice :) Thanks again!

Penny said...

Lol, I was wondering about the swimwear, considering I brought a jacket to work, lol!! BTW, not sure if you're a fan, but I'm assuming you are...Olive Garden had pumpkin cheesecake back in August. ;)